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Broco was established in 1998 and over a 10 year period, created a niche in the market as a leading logistics management company, offering a primary distribution service to all industries, specialising in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry. IMPERIAL Logistics acquired the majority shareholding in Broco in 2004 and today Broco forms part of the Consumer Products Division of IMPERIAL Logistics.

Broco is a non-asset based company, offering a lead logistics provider (LLP) service without the financial and capacity restraints of an own fleet. We are not restricted by huge capital requirements for vehicles, handling equipment and warehousing and we offer customers cost-effective logistics solutions by simply outsourcing their needs to reliable, dedicated and cost-efficient subcontractors.

Broco offers prospective customers a primary logistics solution which can be extended to a comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution through the diverse and wide service offering of our parent company, IMPERIAL Logistics. Our services usually forms part of an end-to-end solution in which we service customers together with sister IMPERIAL companies. This "partnership" approach - in which we form part of a larger supply chain or logistics solution - allows us to focus on our role by offering a unique primary distribution solution; unique in the sense that it has become a comprehensive logistics management service to customers and subcontractors alike.


We offer our clients the management and organisational skills necessary to ensure the ongoing day to day long haul, or primary distribution, of their products to all the major towns and cities in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Botswana. We have the experience, capacity and systems to manage and coordinate high load volumes day after day. We have built our business model around our capacity, the sustainability of our service, our large national delivery footprint, our experience in primary distribution, reliability and trust, reliance on solid administrative processes and through our strive to continuously improve our service offering.

Our capacity to move large load volumes is based on a large and varied subcontractor-base. Broco has a permanent core fleet of 200 vehicles fully entrusted to it by several committed and loyal subcontractors. This core fleet moves 65% of Broco’s loads and enable us to offer clients a base capacity which can be extended during peak demand periods with vehicles from non-core subcontractors. Broco does not own any vehicles, but our large core-fleet makes us in essence one of the larger long-haul service providers in the country.

We keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry we serve; we understand the complexities and competitive nature of the markets our clients play in; we are aware of the capital intensive nature of our subcontractors’ businesses and of the difficult operational conditions in their industry; we care for our people, our communities and the environment. These abilities not only keep our business sustainable, but have earned us the trust of our clients and subcontractors alike and are proof of our commitment to offer “more than just from A to B.”

Broco’s large and varied subcontractor-base ensures that it can offer a primary distribution service to and from all large towns and cities within South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho. We deliver into the Distribution Centres (DCs) of all large FMCG distributors and national retail chains and are well versed in their back-door operational procedures. We are also well aware of the urgent nature of FMCG deliveries and of the emphasis on on-time deliveries. Our national footprint ensures a reliable and continuous service, not only offering clients peace of mind, but also enabling them to keep inventory levels low as on time deliveries are guaranteed.

Broco’s value to clients and subcontractors lies in our ability to anticipate, equalize and manage the seasonal, and sometimes daily, fluctuation in the supply and demand for transport within the market we serve. We move close to 50 000 full loads equating to more than 1 million tons per year. We have the experience, skills and means to provide a reliable and sustainable primary distribution service during all seasons of the year, accommodating the peak demand periods which are common to the consumer driven demand for all FMCG products.

We believe that through the right combination of our skills, systems, people, industry knowledge and experience, we are able to offer clients a reliable service. We seldom loose clients and have shown continuous double digit growth since 1998. During a recent survey amongst our most prominent clients, we asked them for only two words summarizing our service. The results delivered the words “trust” and “reliability”.

Our believe in thorough administrative processes has been the backbone of our growth and service offering. By leveraging process, people and technology we have the capability to manage every load from planning, through execution to invoicing. We believe that a cost effective and efficient supply chain can only exist with real time visibility on the processes and movement of goods from the point of origin to final delivery. We apply this belief to our primary distribution service offering, informing clients all the way of the whereabouts and expected delivery times of their products.

“Today’s innovation, tomorrow’s expectation”! We understand the competitive and dynamic market environment in which our clients and subcontractors operate. Their challenges, and our strive to keep abreast of our competition, compels Broco to seek and develop innovative logistics solutions. Any logistics service provider who does not develop and improve on their service offering will after all not be sustainable for long. We actively identify areas for development and with concerted effort develop new solutions and competencies, not only enabling us to widen our service offering, but through which we also develop and grow our own business and our people.

Broco believes in and fully support the objectives and aims of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Broco received a LEVEL 4 Accreditation on our B-BBEE Scorecard. Receiving a LEVEL 4 Accreditation means that Broco is a 100% contributor to B-BBEE. In addition to this, Broco qualifies as a value-adding supplier, meaning that our customers can deduct 125% of their procurement spend with us.




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