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Butter in South Africa


A soft yellowish emulsion of butterfat, water, air and salt, butter is churned from milk or cream and processed for use in cooking and as a food.  Click here to find Butter brands
Cheese in South Africa


Cheddar cheese remains the most important cheese type in terms of both value and volume, with a 39.1% contribution to the former in 2010. Gouda cheese lost significant volume and share in 2010, to lose its second place position and become the third most popular cheese type in South Africa after cheddar and mozzarella. Strategic decisions to focus on other business units by key players in this sector are the major contributing factor to volume losses seen in the gouda cheese market. Mozzarella cheese performed exceptionally well in 2010 with 11.0% growth seen in this market, reflecting the highest growth rate across all cheese types. Growth in this market is driven by the foodservices sector, which consumes close to half of mozzarella cheese produced. Soft cheese as well as other everyday cheese remain niche product offerings within this market with a combined contribution of 9.2%.  Click here to find Cheese brands
Cream Cheese in South Africa

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a soft, mild-tasting, white cheese with a high fat content. Traditionally, it is made from unskimmed milk enriched with additional cream. Click here to find Cream Cheese brands
Dairy Juice Blend in South Africa

Dairy Juice Blend

The market for dairy juice blends performed well during the economic downturn, unlike other dairy beverages such as drinking yoghurt. Dairy juice blends experienced 1.3% volume growth in the base year while the value of the market shrunk by a marginal 0.4%. The negative value growth was primarily because of marginal price increases seen over the past year as well as the result of packaging shifts. 2010 saw volume reductions in the 500ml and 350ml pack volumes which in turn led to value decline as smaller packs are relatively more expensive than larger ones on a per litre basis. Larger pack sizes such as the 950ml/1litre pack experienced good growth, which further contributed to value decline, as these are sold at a lower Rand per litre price.  Click here to find Dairy Juice Blend brands
Desserts in South Africa


Ice cream has a long history as a popular dairy food item. Available in many shapes, sizes and flavours, the “Great American Dessert” enjoys a worldwide following.  Click here to find Desserts brands
Dips in South Africa


Flavoured Milk in South Africa

Flavoured Milk

Flavoured milk is one of the most popular liquid dairy products in the world, with some 12 billion litres consumed in 2007.  Click here to find Flavoured Milk brands
Ice Cream in South Africa

Ice Cream

Milk & Cream in South Africa

Milk & Cream

The nine essential nutrients found in milk are critical to good health and the prevention of chronic disease. The market comprises many different products and fortified nutrient profiles.  Click here to find Milk & Cream brands
Powdered Milk Products in South Africa

Powdered Milk Products

Prepared Custard in South Africa

Prepared Custard

Historically, the prepared custard market saw good volume increases year on year, with the category growing steadily. However, in recent years the healthy growth rate has started to dwindle. While producers have attempted to prop the category volumes up through marketing drives, this has not been sufficient to bolster the category volumes to the growth levels seen previously. It is believed that the recession seen within 2009 and spilling over into 2010 undermined prepared custard sales as consumers were forced to curtail spending on luxury goods in favour of essential items. While there was some limited volume growth recorded for 2010 it should be borne in mind that there was a level of discounting for the period which served to reduce the average price and make category more appealing from an affordability perspective. The majority of this product is channeled into the retail sector, which comprises over two thirds of the total market. Wholesale is the second largest channel within the prepared custard market, accounting for a 14.9% share of the overall volume. Only conservative volume growth is anticipated for the short term.  Click here to find Prepared Custard brands
Spreads in South Africa


UHT Milk in South Africa

UHT Milk

Yoghurt in South Africa


Derived from the Turkish word, “yogurut”, which means “long life”, yoghurt lies at the centre of a balanced diet.  Click here to find Yoghurt brands

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BMi Research Annual Quantification Report, Canned Milk and Creams in South Africa, July 2013
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