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Abba Seafood - Food & Beverage

Abba Seafood

Abba Seafood is the market leading Scandinavian seafood brand, with strong traditions in quality and excellence dating back to 1838.
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ACE - Food & Beverage


It may surprise many to know that unlike many other leading brands in South Africa, Ace which is one of the top 5 food brands in South Africa is only a couple of decades old in real terms.
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Alpen Food Company - Food & Beverage

Alpen Food Company

The Alpen Food Company is 50% owned by Weetabix Limited, headquartered in the United Kingdom, manufacturers and distributors of well know and highly popular leading cereal brands in that country.
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Appletiser - Food & Beverage


Deliciously Good Every Day
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Aqua Spa Mineral Waters - Food & Beverage

Aqua Spa Mineral Waters

Aqua Spa Mineral Waters, with a unique bottle cap design for ease of carrying, so that active people can have bottled water readily available with no effort.
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aQuelle - Food & Beverage


aQuellé’s exceptionally pure and precious water flows in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. Drawn from an underground spring, the water is undisturbed and unpolluted. Nature’s gift.
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Aspen Nutritionals - Food & Beverage

Aspen Nutritionals

Aspen Nutritionals supplies parents and Healthcare Professionals with quality, affordable nutritional products, manufactured to high international standards.
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Aunt Caroline - Food & Beverage

Aunt Caroline

Aunt Caroline remains the Number 1 Rice brand in the KZN region. Its strong heritage is rooted in its consistent delivery of good quality rice. That is because only the finest grains are chosen to go into your bag of Aunt Caroline Parboiled rice.
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Bokomo - Food & Beverage


Bokomo Foods, a key player in the food industry, with a product range of breakfast cereals, dried fruits and vegetables, baking aids and desserts, and biscuits.
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Boland Pulp - Food & Beverage

Boland Pulp

Boland Pulp was established 20 years ago and has been providing first grade fruit purees and concentrates to the local and international market ever since.
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Bull Brand Meat Products - Food & Beverage

Bull Brand Meat Products

Bull Brand Foods, one of South Africa’s best-loved canned meat companies, has a reputation for good quality, affordable canned meals, frozen foods and biltong.
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Cape Herb and Spice (PTY) LTD - Food & Beverage

Cape Herb and Spice (PTY) LTD

Cape Herb and Spice, an internationally recognized producer of top quality, value-added herb and spice products, of uncompromised quality and innovation.
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Carmién Tea - Food & Beverage

Carmién Tea

Carmién Tea brings you Rooibos tea direct from the farm, grown socially just and in harmony with nature, creating a better future for all.
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Clover - Food & Beverage


Clover, a branded foods and beverages group with a strong emphasis on value-added products, and a well established South African dairy business.
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Cresta - Food & Beverage


Cresta is a rice brand that enables you to provide good quality meals for your family at an affordable price.
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Del Monte Fruits South Africa - Food & Beverage

Del Monte Fruits South Africa

Del Monte Fruits South Africa, part of global company, Del Monte Fresh Produce, produces and distributes canned fruit, known worldwide for its quality.
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Denny Convenience Foods - Food & Beverage

Denny Convenience Foods

Dining In manufactures, markets and distributes a premium range of long life convenience food products in Southern Africa under the renowned Denny brand name.
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Eat Smart Organics - Food & Beverage

Eat Smart Organics

Eat Smart Organics, a truly South African company, prepares and packages superior certified organic convenience foods for the Retail and Corporate sectors.
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Enterprise Foods - Food & Beverage

Enterprise Foods

Enterprise Foods, a wide range of quality products and brands, including speciality meats such as roasts, pate and ribs for the more discerning consumer.
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Entyce Beverages - Food & Beverage

Entyce Beverages

Entyce Beverages, manufactures and distributes well known South African tea, coffee and creamer beverage brands with top quality short-life fruit juice brands.
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Findus - Food & Beverage


The Findus Group is one of Europe’s largest frozen food and seafood companies and one of Europe’s leading overall food manufacturers. Findus produces an extensive range of frozen fish and seafood products, ready meals and frozen vegetables with leading positions and high brand recognition in each of its core markets.
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Foodcorp Consumer Brands - Food & Beverage

Foodcorp Consumer Brands

Foodcorp, the third largest food company in South Africa, a leading manufacturer of branded food products, with leading-edge technology, quality, inspiration.
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Fore Good Group - Food & Beverage

Fore Good Group

The Fore Good Group strategically invests in businesses, stimulating brands and creating captive markets by optimising manufacturing and service delivery.
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Fruity Planet - Food & Beverage

Fruity Planet

Fruity Planet, the official marketing and Distribution Agent for Pokka Beverages in South Africa: ready to drink beverages, fruity drinks, coffees, healthy teas
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Global Coffee Exports - Food & Beverage

Global Coffee Exports

The Global Coffee Export Company.
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Goldcrest - Food & Beverage


Goldcrest, high quality ingredients, a wide range of canned foods and packaged foods, promoted with constant marketing for impressive brand awareness and volume
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Golden Cloud - Food & Beverage

Golden Cloud

At Golden Cloud, we cater for moms who choose to bake their family treats, rather than just buy them ready-made, because they love to offer up that home-made taste. And the thought that we can play just a little role in filling your home with the sweet smell of joy is why we do what we do!
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Heinz - Food & Beverage


Heinz, a global player in the food business, specialising in processed food products and nutritional services, currently markets 3000 products worldwide.
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Horlicks - Food & Beverage


Horlicks, a delicious malt-based drink, that can be enjoyed hot or cold, consists of a unique blend of nourishing, ingredients, vitamins, calcium and protein
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Huletts - Food & Beverage


Huletts, South Africa's No. 1 sugar brand, serving sweet toothed South Africans, where local sugar consumption tops 1.5 million tons annually.
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I & J - Food & Beverage

I & J

Irvin & Johnson, or I&J, South Africa's leading fishing company, multi-national processor and marketer of branded frozen and chilled convenience foods.
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IFFCO - Food & Beverage


IFFCO launched in South Africa in October 2010 having identified an opportunity in the South African FMCG market for good quality consumer goods at affordable prices.
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Joekels Tea Packers - Food & Beverage

Joekels Tea Packers

Joekels, manufactures and sells a strong portfolio of brands in the economy and mainstream tea sectors, including premium brands Phendula Tips, Laager Rooibos
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Lancewood - Food & Beverage


Lancewood, produce a range of Cheese and Dairy Products with a reputation for superior quality and flavour, winning numerous awards locally and internationally.
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Lucky Star - Food & Beverage

Lucky Star

The Lucky Star division is engaged mainly in fishing for inshore pelagic species (pilchard and anchovy) and in the production, marketing and distribution of fishmeal and branded canned fish products, particularly pilchards under the Lucky Star label in Southern Africa.
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Lucozade - Food & Beverage


Lucozade, a great tasting energy drink, first manufactured in 1927, now a firm favourite with a refreshing taste, golden colour and unique glucose formulation.
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Magpie - Food & Beverage


Magpie is filled with taste! Each and every one of our pies is packed with quality ingredients, ready-to-go goodness and service excellence from our team.
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Mondelez South Africa - Food & Beverage

Mondelez South Africa

Mondelez South Africa is the largest confectionery business in South Africa, enjoying market leadership in the chocolate, chewing gum and bubble gum categories.
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Nestlé Chocolates - Food & Beverage

Nestlé Chocolates

Nestle Cereal - Food & Beverage

Nestle Cereal

Our breakfast cereals are sold by Nestlé on behalf of Cereal Partners South Africa.
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Nestle Ice Cream - Food & Beverage

Nestle Ice Cream

Nestle Ice Cream, a diverse range of quality dairy ice creams, including luxurious bars and cones and decadent take home tubs for moments of magical pleasure.
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Ocean King - Food & Beverage

Ocean King

Ocean King, a renowned brand that delivers ethically fished, top quality, non-perishable canned fish products.
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Pacmar - Food & Beverage


Pacmar, a ‘contract packaging’ company, currently packaging for the larger brands in the local and international markets, based in Wellington, Western Cape.
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Pick n Pay - Food & Beverage

Pick n Pay

Our range of PnP products means that quality, affordability and choice are always within your reach. Inspired by the things that make you happy, the PnP range offers you quality products, at lower prices than you’d expect.
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Portobello - Food & Beverage


A select premium range of high quality, handcrafted, authentic cheeses made primarily from milk produced by Rhodes Food Group's own award wining herd of Ayrshire cows. Portobello is distributed nationally and is positioned between the big national companies and the boutique cheese producers.
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Premier Foods - Food & Beverage

Premier Foods

Premier Foods, one of South Africa’s most respected millers and manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods, with staple food brands like Blue Ribbon, Snowflake
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Rhodes - Food & Beverage


At Rhodes we love making delicious products, which we’ve been doing since 1896. We also love making life easier for you, which is why our fruit pulp and tomato paste comes in cups with Easy-Peel tabs and all our cans come with Easy-Open lids.
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Saldanha Group - Food & Beverage

Saldanha Group

Saldanha Group, produces top quality canned fish including Saldanha pilchards, sardines, middlecut mackerel and flaked light meat tuna.
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Sally Williams - Food & Beverage

Sally Williams

Sally Williams, produces fine honey nougat, hand-crafted and preservative-free, exported all around the world.
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Sasko Bakeries - Food & Beverage

Sasko Bakeries

Sasko Bakeries, producing and selling a diversified bread product basket, addressing the needs of all our consumers in South Africa.
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Sasko Pasta - Food & Beverage

Sasko Pasta

Welcome to Sasko Pasta. Pasta is our passion & we love it when you enjoy our pasta. Sasko Pasta is a division of Pioneer Foods and was established in 1996.
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Sea Harvest - Food & Beverage

Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest, harvesting only the best the sea has to offer and bringing you the freshest sea food and fish products.
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Selati Sugar - Food & Beverage

Selati Sugar

It’s rare for a regional brand to feature among the top ten household brands in the country. Even more rare for a traditional low interest brand to hold its own against tough competition not only in its own narrow market segment, but also compete for space in this hotly-contested basket against big spending iconic brands. But that is exactly what Selati sugar has achieved.
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Simba - Food & Beverage


Simba, a snack empire that spans Africa; chips, fritos, niknaks, salted or flavoured, the secret of Simba's success is: never, ever compromise on quality!
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Soda King - Food & Beverage

Soda King

Soda King, a range of carbonated flavoured soft drinks; Acqua King still and sparkling filtered water, as well as five other popular fruit flavours.
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Spekko - Food & Beverage


Spekko, a natural high quality rice brand, importing, packaging and marketing premium rice varieties in South Africa.
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St. Pie - Food & Beverage

St. Pie

St. Pie, produces a wide range of premium quality pies with a signature home-made flavour and quality, for the convenience, wholesale and retail sector.
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Stafford Bros & Draeger - Food & Beverage

Stafford Bros & Draeger

Stafford Bros & Draeger, proud distributors of Twinings Specialty Teas, delicious and healthy Ovaltine, scrumptious Walkers Scottish Shortbread, and more.
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Surprise Rice - Food & Beverage

Surprise Rice

Surprise Rice is a smart choice because it delivers ‘A grade’ quality.
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Tacoma Foods - Food & Beverage

Tacoma Foods

Tacoma Foods is a vertically integrated business which sources, imports, warehouses, distributes, sales and merchandises product on a national basis.
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Tastic - Food & Beverage


Tastic, since 1961, has been delivering perfectly cooked rice – every time. This strong heritage has won the hearts (and stomachs) of millions of South Africans.
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The Ceres Beverage Company - Food & Beverage

The Ceres Beverage Company

The Ceres Beverage Company focuses on selected categories within the non-alcoholic beverage sector including fruit juices, fruit concentrate mixtures, mineral water and carbonated soft drinks.
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Vesuvio - Food & Beverage


At Vesuvio Estates we know that great-tasting, superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an important, daily ally to those enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle filled with good sensations. As South Africa’s largest olive oil producer, Vesuvio takes pride in the top quality of our operations, from our generous trees to your abundant table.
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Westfalia Avocado Oils - Food & Beverage

Westfalia Avocado Oils

Westfalia Avocado Oil is made only from choice quality, locally grown avocados. Westfalia’s range of Plain (both regular and organic), avocado oil, as well as natural Garlic, Lemon, Chilli, Basil and Herb infused avocado oils, offers a healthy and delicious option for everyday food preparation.
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Willow Creek - Food & Beverage

Willow Creek

Willow Creek Olive Estate, celebrates all that is ‘olive’, producing world class olive oils and other delicacies from this multi-faceted fruit.
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Woodlands Dairy - Food & Beverage

Woodlands Dairy

Woodlands Dairy, produce and deliver superior food products including UHT milk, ESL chilled dairy products and are suppliers of milk to the chocolate industry.
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X35 Energy Drink - Food & Beverage

X35 Energy Drink

X35 energy drink, the world's first natural healthy energy drink that gives you stamina, focus and drive, using natural black seed instead of artificial taurine
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Latest Activity

Grow the chocolate category with innovation from Nestlé Milkybar 03
Grow the chocolate category with innovation from Nestlé Milkybar
The moulded slab category is valued at R1.93 billion and is currently growing at 10.4% value annually.
Lucky winner set to jet off to New York – Courtesy of Cadbury P.S. 02
Lucky winner set to jet off to New York – Courtesy of Cadbury P.S.
Paolo Govetto, who is jetting off with his other half to the Big Apple, courtesy of Cadbury P.S, is overjoyed to be able to tick New York off of his bucket list. Paolo was recently announced the lucky winner of the Cadbury P.S. on-pack promotion that ran from July to the end October 2013.
Douglasdale Dairy re-launches cream packaging 12
Douglasdale Dairy re-launches cream packaging
After strong feedback from loyal customers, Douglasdale Dairy has once again launched their 1-litre bottle of cream in its original eye catching cream-coloured bottle with the customary resealable gold cap, making it stand out from the other white-coloured milk products on shelf.

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The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters of Namibia, which represents the interest of dairy and meat importers and exporters, has said that the recent decision by government to limit the amount of milk imported into the country will limit consumer choices.

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28/08/2013 - 08:25
Bloemfontein - The expansion of South Africa’s middle class bodes well for milk producers, SA Milk Producers' Organisation CEO Bertus de Jongh said on Tuesday.

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Zambeef Products Plc share price on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) has declined by two percent over the last few weeks following reports of alleged importation of contaminated beef, Stock Broker Zambia Limited (SBZL) has said.

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Molo Milk beats KCC, Brookside as preferred brand

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02/04/2013 - 07:15
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Clover to head for the coast as travel costs rise
22/03/2013 - 08:26
Dairy producer Clover is investigating the possibility of moving its cheese facility closer to milk sources at the coast. This would save on transport and distribution costs, the firm said this week.

Danone pulls dairy products
19/03/2013 - 13:16
Bucharest - French food industry group Danone said Monday it had withdrawn some of its dairy products from sale in Romania after a potentially carcinogenic substance was found in milk from one of its suppliers.

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Zurich - Swiss luxury chocolate maker Lindt & Spruengli said it was confident people would keep buying its sweet treats this year despite weak consumer sentiment in its key market, Europe.

Clover and Nestlé SA unveil new entity
04/03/2013 - 07:47
Johannesburg - Clover Industries [JSE:CLR] and Nestlé SA on Friday announced the formation of the new entity‚ called Clover Waters.