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Beyond seeking for the right partner to satisfy your particular transportation requirements, it is also important to address all aspects related to this activity within your business.
Historically transport brought with it many hurdles including risk in terms of breakages, theft and unreliable service levels. In a quest to win the bid, many transporters engage in price wars which provide the customer with excellent short term solutions, however not feasible into the future.

Etosha Transport proudly boasts a very young fleet which is supported by and fitted with state-of-the-art technology. Our vehicle Tracking and Communication System C-Track provides you with the peace of mind that reliability is guaranteed. Uninterrupted cell phone communication is maintained with each driver on route in both Namibia and South Africa.

Specific requirements with regards to documentation are met. Speedy return of PODS proved to be one of our most valuable competitive advantages in the market, and our people are motivated and trained to stay in control of our customer’s experience. We also do our own Freight Forwarding.

Etosha’s collective experience and knowledge of cross border transport of more than 40 years, promoted sustainable solutions to our blue chip customer base. This, together with maximum utilization and annual fleet expansion, enabled us to meet with the changing logistic needs and requirements.

Our Diversity within the three divisions offer a wide range of solutions: General Cargo has over 40 Tautliner Flatdeck and Volumax vehicles, Consolidation 16 x 128cube cube vehicles which carries small packages to full load distribution daily from South Africa to the whole of Namibia. We also specialize in House Moves to and from Namibia. Warehouse and Distribution Services in Namibia are available on Contract basis.

Safety and Risk: Regular updated systems and good values and habits of our people has been the Key to keeping our customers products delivered safely and on time.
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'Celebrating 40 years in Transport' and Proudly Namibian



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