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The Cold Chain

The Cold Chain, one of the leading perishable logistics companies in South Africa, has become a vital link between the country's foremost perishable manufacturers and customers in the retail industry across the region. With 12 distribution centers throughout South Africa The Cold Chain distributes more than 280 000 tons of food products every year. In addition to our specialized outbound logistics services, the company
also offers sales and merchandising services to our customers through Mercor Solutions, a division of The Cold Chain.

Target Sectors & National spread

The Cold Chain is a national, specialist perishables food distribution organization operating within the top-end, mid trade and food service sectors. We are represented in 12 regions, namely Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Johannesburg (City Deep), Dundee, Durban, East London, George, Klerksdorp, Nelspruit, Midrand, Polokwane and Port Elizabeth.

Our customers

We currently service and have the support of more than 20 of the country's top food manufacturers that supply perishable products, such as dairy, fish, processed meat and prepared foods, poultry, margarine and frozen vegetables to retail and small customers in South Africa.
Integrated Service Offering

The Cold Chain is the only independent service provider (i.e. not owned by a manufacturing company) in South Africa with the ability to provide a national integrated temperature controlled warehousing and transportation, sales, merchandising, and debtors administration service to its customers.

Throughout its distribution network, The Cold Chain has in excess of 20 000 pallet locations in its temperature controlled warehouses. The warehouses are generally split in two temperature regimes: chilled (2 to 5 °C) and frozen (-18°C) and a warehouse management system enforces strict adherence to a first-in-first-out stock rotation rule.

The Cold Chain has a fleet of 260 delivery vehicles throughout South Africa. The fleet consists mostly of 4 to 8 ton vehicles, fitted with insulated load bodies and refrigeration units. Stock is delivered on a weekly basis to all
top end retail stores throughout South Africa. As part of our service offering we also provide product recall and reverse logistics services to our customers.

More than 190 sales representatives and telesellers are employed nationally. This sales force is focused on pro-actively driving product sales amongst others, regular hard sales calls to existing and potential customers, in-store promotion initiatives and telesales. At top-end retail our hands-on team leaders manage the merchandisers, sales coordinators, forward share, stock, orders, returns and customers agreements with outlets.

In excess of 1100 merchandisers are employed to ensure point of purchase excellence at top-end channels and mid-trade outlets across South Africa. Full-time merchandisers are available in the top sector, and in mid-trade merchandising services are available to all stores depending on volumes.

Debtors Administration and Management Information
As part of an integrated service offering, The Cold Chain administers the collection of cash from the retail trade on behalf of its manufacturing customers. Detailed management information is provided to our customers on a daily basis via a state of the art secure information portal.

Imperial Logistics

As part of Imperial Logistics we have the backup, experience and expertise to deliver on our promises. We build long-term partnerships with our customers, we invest in our people, we regard honesty and integrity as non-negotiable, and we always strive to bring innovative ideas to the table. Our cost structure is flexible and driven by your needs.




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Latest Activity

The Cold Chain is a vital link in Sea Harvest's Supplier of the Year success 10
The Cold Chain is a vital link in Sea Harvest's Supplier of the Year success
It was a proud moment for IMPERIAL Logistics group company The Cold Chain when long-standing client Sea Harvest was named Pick ‘n Pay National Supplier of the Year.

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