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CIC Holdings is the parent company of a group of businesses that operate in Southern Africa. It operates within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry through agency agreements with blue chip manufacturers, both locally and internationally. Its service offering includes selling, merchandising, warehousing, distribution, debtors’ administration, and staffing and security solutions. The group has facilities in all the main centres throughout Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa.

The group subscribes to the principle of equal opportunity. Group companies have set their own targets and specific action plans. Group companies are fully compliant with all legislation in regard to employment equity and skills development and view it not only as a statutory but also as a moral obligation that is a non-negotiable business practice.

The group continues to invest in the upliftment and training of staff, particularly at lower graded levels, as well as certain carefully selected direct investments. Focus continues with development of staff in line with the responsibility regarding succession planning within the businesses. Numerous training workshops as well as skills development programmes have been implemented throughout the group.

Staff communication is a significant part of creating a healthy workplace environment. Various committees within the business units include a cross section of staff representation as part of a learning process, to make the business units more effective.

CIC group is committed to ensuring that employees work in a safe, healthy and clean environment. Our activities do not have an adverse effect on the environment. We are however constantly aware of environmental issues that could impact on our business.

The ongoing assessment of health and safety issues for all employees is a key responsibility of management. Significant attention is being paid to issues around occupational health and safety acts within the various countries and legal compliance therefore remains a key focus area.

HIV remains a major area of concern. All appropriate measures continue to be addressed within the workforce. A wellness programme has been established in certain group companies to train and create awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst all staff.

CIC, through its business units, is involved in a number of initiatives on an ongoing basis.

St Peter’s Day Care Centre – Botswana
Funding was provided to assist in the running of the centre that cares for orphans. Food, toiletries and cleaning materials are also provided on an ongoing basis.

Flood victims – Namibia
Significant food aid was provided to the flood victims in the north of Namibia.

Donations and support for specific projects were made to the following institutions:

Abraham Kriel Children’s Home – South Africa
Association of Disabled Persons Free State – South Africa
Cancer Association of Botswana – Botswana
Lady Khama Children’s Fund – Botswana
Life Change Centre – Namibia
Namibian Cat Protection Society – Namibia
Philani Maswati Charity – Swaziland
QuadPara Association of South Africa – South Africa
SPCA – Namibia

Labour Supply Chain committed various resources, including financial and capacity building, to a company, Hospitality Ambassador, to assist the current black female owner of this emerging micro enterprise to develop and grow her business into a long-term profitable enterprise that is both sustainable and wealth generating.

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