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Fore Good Group
Fore Good is a leading brand builder and distributor in the FMCG sector offering suppliers comprehensive solutions - from importation right through to merchandising and marketing.
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Address: Ground Floor, Building no 5, Harrowdene Office Park, Western Service Road, Woodmead
ForeBrands is an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) group that delivers exponential return on marketing investment by pure through-the-line integration from strategy right through to execution.
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XP² - Experiential and Promotions
XP² is a leading experiential company centred on objective-driven, engaging, memorable and creative in-and-out-of-store activations that deliver exponential return on marketing investment.
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Twique Digital
Twique Digital is a specialist agency which supports customers with creative strategy, implementation, marketing mix integration and project coordination in the mobile, web and social marketing space.
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Livewired PR
Livewired is a multi-award winning, strategic public relations company driven by a team who ignite companies, brands and people through high-impact communication strategies and campaigns.
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Foreshare - Shopper and Channel Specialists
Foreshare is a dynamic company that endeavours to understand the psyche of the shopper, and in doing so, comprehends what makes shoppers “tick.”

Due to the fact that over 70% of purchasing decisions are made at shelf, at Foreshare, our expertise is to provide brands with a thorough and integrated shopper marketing approach that specifically unlocks the behaviour patterns of the shopper. We also help you develop shopper channel plans, including strategy and the overall planning. This in-depth understanding delivers a competitive advantage in store across various store types.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing being enough. Brands and retailers today have to work harder and smarter due to the constant changes in the retail environment - which is driven by shopper and consumer insights.

What gives us the competitive advantage is that Foreshare focuses on daily mentorship and interaction which provides customised solutions, strategies, and reporting tools, in addition to helping customers track success. This enables Foreshare to pin point exact trends and come up with bespoke solutions ideal for your unique needs.
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00h12 - Advertising and Creative
00h12 formulates integrated, strategic, creative, conceptual and business focused adverting solutions. Our skills include; strategy, conceptualisation, design, copywriting, art-direction, project management, production and media.
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Harding Group - Sales & Merchandising
For over four decades the Harding Group have been providing manufacturers with field support and supply chain effectiveness! Today we have one of the largest national merchandising, field marketing and sales forces in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).
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NFM - Sales & Merchandising
Network Field Marketing offers merchandising, field marketing (including surveys, price comparisons and promotional compliance), sales representation and management services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry including expertise in pharmacy, toy and baby channels.
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