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History of Business  
Mercor Solutions is a division of The Cold Chain (TCC), which is a member of the IMPERIAL Logistics Group. The company focuses on in-store sales and merchandising, which forms part of a total logistics solution, including warehousing, distribution and the administration function. Originally part of IMPERIAL Cold Storage (ICS) in the 1960s, TCC became a dedicated distribution agent in 1985, under the ownership of Tiger Brands. In 2000, IMPERIAL Logistics bought 100% of TCC.

Core Business
As the in-store component of TCC, Mercor provides a syndicated sales and merchandising service to 15 FMCG brands, including top-end retailer, Spar, as well as mid-trade and wholesale channels.

Service Offering
Mercor’s philosophy is based on the premise that in the perishable goods industry, callage is not good enough, it is presence that counts. The company’s goal is to ensure sufficient mass per store and thereby, to support a full-time store based resource. Perishable merchandising, aside from the in-store logistics of ensuring availability on shelf, is largely about the management of stock – stock rotation, dates, quality control, both on-shelf and in the back-up areas. Mercor’s Merchandisers take responsibility for the total in-store operation, including the following functions:

· Ordering of stock
· Replenishing of shelves
· Shelf management
· Promotional support
· Quality control
· Processing of uplifts for return
· Market intelligence

Merchandisers service a number of stores in a specific geographic area, reporting into a structure that includes Field Sales Managers and Sales Managers.

Key Strengths
Mercor is a Dedicated Perishable – Frozen, Chilled – and Ambient Service Provider, with support functions dedicated to in-store service areas such as Deli, Bakery and the Cheese Bar.

Key Customers
Enterprise, Early Bird, County Fair, Sea Harvest, Heinz Frozen Foods, Epic, Natures Choice Products, Lancewood, General Mills, Ital / Green Valley, Fairview Cheese, Anat, Ceres, Kraft Foods, Kerrygold, Minute Maid

Geographical Representation
Mercor operates nationally from 12 strategically placed distribution centres (DCs).



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Address 1 Leer Road, City Deep, Johannesburg, Gauteng  
Postal PO Box 86373, City Deep, Johannesburg, 2049  

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