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Spotting a gap in the marketing and communications market, the Z-CARD® was developed and patented in the UK and Europe in 1992. The brand reaped immediate success as a below-the-line medium due to its compact size, perceived value, quality and high ratio of information to size. Due to its universal format, the Z-CARD® concentrated on geographical expansion for the first three years to ensure a global presence. With sales offices now established in all key markets, the Z-CARD® is present in 68 countries, with production hubs in 14 of these, making us the largest supplier of PocketMedia® products around the globe.

The medium has become so popular, that more than 1.5-billion Z-CARD®s have already been produced around the world.

The Z-CARD® Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI) region was launched in the Middle East 16 years ago. ZAMI is constantly expanding into previously unchartered waters, offering local companies in these countries the opportunity to become a ZAMI distributor.

In South Africa, PocketMedia® Solutions continues to provide our clients with a variety of innovative retail, marketing, advertising and communication solutions.

The launch of any new product, even one of a much-loved brand, requires a well executed strategy to grab the full attention of consumers. Whether it’s a Bottle Hang UFO for a new beverage or a compact Z-CARD® containing discount coupons or scratch cards.. We have the ideal solution for your next product launch!
The Pill Pocket Z-CARD® was another PocketMedia® Solution first in India and has now arrived in South Africa. It provides your target market with an information-packed Z-CARD® that details everything that the consumer needs to know whilst the front of the Z-CARD® is an actual pack of the pills or other product such as any sachet samples, tea bags or even chewing gum. It enables companies to get their message across in a way that consumers can relate to and understand.

Look out for our latest pharmaceutical packaging option. Another all in one solution containing blister pack, package insert and tamper proof backing.
A great way to increase the recall value of your PocketMedia® communications is to ensure that your place is front of mind. On-pack distribution is a great way to add value to the original purchase as well as to be used as a trigger to encourage future sales.
Can a compact form of printed communication drive sales.. Absolutely! From the unique, compact and retainable Z-CARD®, to on-product bottle hangs, eye-catching 'pop out' cards, intriguing Unidentified Folding Objects (UFOs), Z-Postcards and dispensers.. The list is endless and our product range vast and varied.

Did you know that your PocketMedia® Solution doesn’t have to be in the shape of a rectangle or square? We were recently contracted to produce a Z-CARD® with round covers. No matter the shape or size, we have the solution needed to break through the clutter
Looking for a unique application to get your loyalty card into customer’s hands? Why not use our brand new personalised Z-Mailer? With this innovation, the need for envelope stuffing is a thing of the past. Our all-in-one solution includes the card, letter, application form and information about the loyalty scheme.

Another innovative solution is our Carrying Card Z-CARD®. As the name suggests, not only is all of the relevant information that customers need provided to them in the compact Z-CARD® format but the cardboard pouch on the front cover houses the loyalty card with ease. After each use of the loyalty card it is simply placed back in its pouch on the Z-CARD®, which fits neatly into a wallet, purse or pocket.

Another cost effective loyalty solution is to low tack the plastic loyalty card onto the Z-CARD® as one of the covers? In 2010 one of the largest supermarket chains in Turkey produced over 10,000,000 units doing just this!
Need to drive consumers to your website or social media platform but don’t know how? We bridge the gap between print and digital by offering an engaging way to interact with your target audience using QR Codes and Augmented Reality.

By making use of printed QR codes on PocketMedia® applications, one can drive traffic on-line, for further message enhancement and extend a campaign past a static ‘once-off’ message, to one that can change on a daily basis, engage the audience further or even provide a way to capture data.

Augmented Reality is the ideal application if you’re looking to run a successful competition. It offers an interactive experience where virtual components are merged over a live video stream, in real time, when holding a bridging device up to a desktop computer
PocketMedia® also offers our sports-loving nation numerous eye-catching and interactive solutions to provide your target audience with sport fixture guides, player profiles or a competition/tournament schedule.

Our pop-up Star Fold 3D representation of a stadium is also a great way for fans to familiarise themselves with the arena and provides an easy way for fans to find their seat!
Combining the popular credit card-size Z-CARD® with a detachable postcard, the Z-Postcard is an ideal format for applications such as a competition response mechanism or as a service quality feedback form. Consumers receive a perforated postcard which they can send on while the Z-CARD® fits snugly into their wallet or pocket.

Z-CARD®s can even be produced with a die cut movable wheel on the front cover which offers applications such as good food-wine combinations packaged with a bottle of wine to a progress wheel for the first 9 months of your baby’s life distributed in nappy packs as a free add-on.

Our various PocketMedia® formats can contain perforated vouchers, personalisation, unique numbers or scratch cards. Even more cost effective than a traditional scratch card is our die cut window on a cover which lifts up to reveal a prize or unique number. The die cut could be shaped as a bottle, box of tea or even the shape of a house… Endless possibilities.
A Z-CARD® is a great way to house a sample pack. Information about the product as well as product sample is included in one package. What about a door hang detailing your services or better still a door hang with a sample? 100 000 Turkish households received a detergent sample packaged with a Z-CARD® and 300 000 homes in the UAE received a door hang Z-CARD® with information about their home delivery water service.

Publication Inserts: Ensure that your magazine advert stands out using a tipped-in Z-CARD® with sample attached. The Z-CARD®s not only raises awareness about the brand, but provides consumers with relevant information that they can constantly refer back to.
Imagine being able to display your brand in such a way that it makes a lasting impression on consumers? Simple… If your employees and store staff know how to do it!

Educate them with an innovative PocketMedia® in-store trade presenter containing detailed specs and photographs of merchandising units. The compact and handy guide can even resemble the actual size of the display unit or be die cut in the shape of the product.

Whatever your product, there’s a PocketMedia® solution that’s right for you



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Latest Activity

Turkey’s motoring industry embraces the Z-CARD® 22
Turkey’s motoring industry embraces the Z-CARD®
The Turkish automotive industry, consisting of 17 domestic and foreign principal producers supplemented by approximately 4000 sub-industry companies, directly employs over 300 000 qualified workers.
2M Kablo again signs up with Z-CARD® Turkey 18
2M Kablo again signs up with Z-CARD® Turkey
Istanbul-based 2M Kablo has again selected a Z-CARD® as an innovative tool to drive sales of its various cable offerings.
Allycats keeps Marketing Spread in the fold 14
Allycats keeps Marketing Spread in the fold
As a publicity company, Allycats PR knows the importance of communication. However, the company also knows the pitfalls of trying to engage consumers who are bombarded on a daily basis with information.
KeyHealth Medical Scheme finds an innovative way to speak to kids 14
KeyHealth Medical Scheme finds an innovative way to speak to kids
KeyHealth Medical Scheme has come up with an innovative and exciting way to communicate with its current members’ child dependents about the launch of Easy-ER, its new benefit that offers direct, free access to emergency medical treatment for children at any hospital’s ER facility.
PocketMedia® and Terrapinn join forces to promote another Africa exhibition 11
PocketMedia® and Terrapinn join forces to promote another Africa exhibition
PocketMedia® Solutions has again joined forces with Terrapinn as its media partner to produce a double cover conference and exhibition Z-CARD® for Africa’s digital, marketing, commerce and enterprise show that takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre on 29 and 30 October.

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