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Who is ZaPOP?

Zapop can best be described as Pioneers of the in-store marketing arena. Our company provides Marketers with exiting and innovative ways to grab the consumers attention.

Knowing that the majority of buying decisions are impulsive and only made once the buyer is in-store; Zapop can provide the opportunity and the tools to enable you to convey your mass or message directly to your Target audience.

We have assembled an operative program giving you as Supplier a direct means of reaching the shoppers in their shopping environment and Influencing their buying decision.
Whether you are looking to create an immediate purchase, promote specific products or just create brand awareness. Having a strong in-store presence will ensure you reach your goals.

We want to support your brand and sales objectives via Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities and In-store Media Activities. Developing and sustaining the sponsorship media activities will keep the shopping experience fresh and participating in the program will give you the opportunity to convert the shopper to your customer.

Zapop can fulfil all the opportunities being offered and provide an inter-relationship between the channels, the customer and brands. In the following sections of the Zapop experience, each of the in-store media will be explained as to what the activity is, its value, impact and expectations.

With this you can identify the programs, level of participation, and cycle frequency that matches your objectives providing you the flexibility to strategically target your customers.

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SupaCoupon Unit


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Address Mettle Building | 2nd Floor | Willy van Schoor Ave. | Belville | 7500  

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