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Resource Security

Jul 1st 2011, 12:11

Resource Security
In a world of non-renewable resources sustainability is essential. A commonly overlooked resource, water, has recently come under the spotlight again. Fresh water is a vital element in the alcohol production process and is used intensely throughout. Because of its perceived abundance it is often used with abandon, and now the cost is being seen.

Alcohol manufacturers need to be very aware of the value of water. We like to think of it as abundant, but in truth only around 3% of the water found on the earth is the type we can use in processing and production. Because of its low cost too few companies are devoting enough resources to water sustainability practices. A few years ago many laughed off SABMiller’s concept for a floating brewery, but now it’s beginning to seem all the more likely.

The effect of a direct lack of water is even better illustrated by the detrimental effect caused by the worst droughts in decades, which are hitting countries around the globe.

Water scarcity is rising quickly and The Water Resources Group estimates that water supply will fall by 40% before 2030. Although water can be treated, processing will never be able to keep up with the pace at which it is being used. It is prudent that strategic planning and cuts are implemented in order to keep us all afloat.

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Albert Pretorius

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