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Spec Systems is a turnkey Auto ID solutions provider with more than 32 years' experience providing label, barcode, RFID and identity card printing products and solutions.

Covering the entire value chain, from the manufacture of self-adhesive labels and printer ribbons to supplying and integrating barcode printing and management systems, Spec Systems is one of the few South African companies able to meet the market's every need.

Spec Systems is recognised as a leader in the industry by virtue of its wealth of expertise, in-house capabilities and position as one of the largest importers and distributor of Zebra barcode label and PVC card printers in Africa.

Spec Systems have proven its capabilities and expertise across a wide range of industries with successes. Spec Systems has the experience, products and insight to deliver end-to-end Auto ID solutions to the market and now has the momentum to fulfil any need.
Spec Systems offers the industry's broadest range of specialist label printers and has serviced the market's needs for the past three decades.

The Zebra & Citizen range of printers are designed to suit specific applications and installations, from simple, but efficient desktop units to rugged industrial printers suited to labelling in harsh environments. The performance range of printers are designed for the most demanding applications and offer flexibility and adaptability by accommodating a selection of label widths and lengths.
The printer hardware is but one part of the equation as its performance is dependent on the media it is printing onto.
Spec Systems has therefore invested in its own label-printing facilities to better control quality, while securing a level of flexibility to adapt to changing or specific needs. With manufacturing facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg you are covered.

Whether you have a simple need such as product labels or need a more durable synthetic label, our Sales force are trained to recommend the best solution for your application.

Established relationships with all the major paper manufacturers ensure that we can supply your current specification without compromise. After sales service and Quality Assurance guaranteed.
Product longevity and reliability is directly related to the use of the highest standard consumables, with Spec Systems having established a reputation for the high-quality ribbons it produces locally.

Our ribbon converting plants in JHB and CPT imports only the highest quality Thermal Transfer Wax, Wax Resin and Resin ribbon, and slit it down for use on any label printer. Available in various width and length combinations. We will not compromise on quality for the sake of price.
Spec Systems is a leader in the field of PVC card printing, representing the internationally-recognised Zebra and Evolis brands.

From affordable, simple-to-use units through to high-volume and even security industry compliant card printers, we have you covered. Quality and reliability are assured through the strength of the brands represented and the use of only the best consumables and accessories.

Spec Systems has the solution if you need to produce high-quality National ID, Drivers Licenses, loyalty, membership, admission, staff, identification, access and promotional PVC cards.
Spec Systems is strongly positioned as a solutions provider for bar coding applications such as warehousing management, asset management and product tracking, traceability and identification.

Over 20 years’ experience in integrating our printers and labels into existing database applications and with the ability to provide and recommend effective scanning solutions makes us the “go to - can do” company when bar coding solutions need to be achieved.
Spec Systems draws heavily on it’s more than 30 years of experience in the auto ID industry, and has established a market-leading position due to the technical expertise gained. Our dynamic technicians undergo continual training and certification with our premium partners, such as Zebra and Evolis.

Carry-in and call-out repair and maintenance work is therefore guaranteed to be of the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and system up-time.
We are now available in full colour! Spec Systems have recently taken a giant step into the world of full colour label production by investing in state of the art Xeikon digital full colour label press, the only of its kind in South Africa.

The unit enables us to print the highest quality labels in a range of finishes including UV Varnish and Lamination on a range of cost effective materials.

The design and application of the Xeikon makes it possible to run high quality, low volume jobs with the option of variable data printing. And all this without the need and expense of remaking any of your plates.



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There’s a new kid on the Colour block called Spec Systems 23
There’s a new kid on the Colour block called Spec Systems
Spec Systems, a label manufacturer and importer of label and pvc card printers has recently taken a bold leap into the world of digital label printing, with the acquisition of the first Xeikon 3030 digital colour label press, and finishing line. Offering customers shorter runs at the highest qualiy.

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