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africa’s largest packaging company

At Nampak, Africa's largest packaging company, we offer the broadest product range of any packaging company in Africa, manufacturing metals, glass, paper and plastics.

We currently have operations in 10 African countries manufacturing a range of metal, paper and plastic products. This presence will be expanded to 11 countries with the commissioning of a new beverage can manufacturing facility in Angola. In Europe, we operate in 6 countries and are a major supplier of plastic bottles to the UK dairy industry. We are also a leading manufacturer of folding cartons for the food and healthcare industry as well as leaflets and labels to the healthcare market. At Nampak, we are strategically located to meet nearly every customer need either locally or through export.

A positive customer experience is made possible by our presence in 21 countries, extensive value-added services, significant capacity to deliver, a world-class Research and Development facility and a proven innovation process.

We go beyond the physical nature of our products and add new dimensions to packaging by developing packaging solutions that energise brands. From brief and concept to development and trial, we work closely with our customers to ensure total brand alignment, product integrity, high quality printing and supply chain efficiencies.


Nampak Cartons & Labels
As the leading producer of litho printed folding cartons in South Africa, we manufacture an extensive range of high quality carton packaging in up to 8 colours in a Waterbased and UV varnish. We supply a comprehensive range of folding cartons and labels to a broad spectrum of sectors. These include beverages, tobacco, confectionary, general foods, frozen foods, household products and detergents, personal care and automotive. All manufacturing is carried out to the highest quality and hygiene standards. Our 5 plants are ISO 9001:2001 accredited.

Nampak Corrugated
As one of the largest corrugated packaging manufacturers in South Africa, our corrugated trays and cartons have been transporting and protecting some of South Africa’s most prominent brands for many years. We manufacture a comprehensive range of corrugated cartons, trays, promotional displays, sheet board, and specialist products for various sectors including food, agriculture, industry and commerce.

Our plants are situated around the country and all conform to AIB, ISO 9002 and HACCP. In addition, our Redibox outlets are conveniently situated and are able to supply small to medium business with a range of unprinted generic corrugated products.

Nampak Liquid Cartons
We manufacture and supply the Pure-Pak range of gable topped cartons and closures in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The Pure-Pak range of high quality, appealing and functionally superior cartons are frequently used to pack leading liquid and dry product brands and provides a convenient, cost-effective and light-weight. The Pure-Pak range is available in a variety of sizes with striking head-to-toe graphics in 7 color Super flexography or Elocrome colors. Nampak Liquid Cartons also offer a range of re-sealable closures for convenience and product security.

Nampak Sacks
As the leading Supplier of multi-wall paper sacks and self-opening bags in South Africa, our products are collaboratively designed and developed to optimize our Customers production and distribution processes, protect the contents, ensure visual/Brand appeal and Consumer convenience. We currently provide packaging solutions to our Customers within the Agricultural, Milling/Baking, Sugar, Industrial/Chemical, Cement and Pet food Market segments.

Our quality product range encompasses a broad spectrum of options including multi-wall paper sacks, self-opening bags as well as high gloss sacks and bags, allowing Nampak Sack’s product offering to be tailored to either the commodity (high volume) or value-added markets.

Nampak Tissues
We are the leaders in tissue, fluff, nappies and other related household products in Southern Africa. Our away-from-home division focuses on providing superior washroom solutions for both the commercial and industrial sectors.

We supply a range of tissue products including disposable nappies, baby wipes, feminine protection products, incontinence products, toilet paper, luxury 2 ply toilet paper, serviettes, household towels, hand towels, wipes, facial tissues & reeled foil.


Nampak Flexible
We offer an unparalleled range of flexible options and are unquestionably SA’s leading flexible packaging manufacturer. We tailor make cost effective, high quality, innovative packaging solutions for leading global brands ensuring the needs of each product are fulfilled.

An extensive range of flexible plastic packaging is manufactured for a variety of market segments including beverages, food, detergents, confectionary, and medical. Our product range includes Laminated Reels, Shrink Sleeves, Laminated Bags, Medical packaging and Pouches all manufactured to ISO standards.

Nampak Liquid
As Southern Africa’s largest and most diversified supplier of liquid packaging solutions we offer our customers packaging solutions that comply with the stringent quality and hygiene standards necessary in the food and beverage industries.

Our product range includes; Conipak cartons printed by Nampak Liquid Cartons, and PET and HDPE bottles blown by Nampak Liquid Plastic. We proudly serve both the beverage and non-beverage markets. In the beverage category we primarily service the fresh and non-carbonated industries such as dairy, fruit juice, sorghum beer and wine. Recently we have successfully entered into the UHT / Long Life plastic market too. In non-beverage we provide quality packaging for products like chemicals, motor oil and detergents. In conjunction with Nampak Closures, we are able to offer a range of plastic closures.

Nampak Petpak
We are Africa’s oldest and longest standing manufacturer of PET bottles, proudly supplying to leading national and international brands from our plants in South Africa and Namibia. We provide our customers with an efficient, time sensitive service and superior quality products that conform to stringent specifications.

We offer a range of both innovative custom and generic design PET bottles for the carbonated soft drink, mineral water, sauce, spirits, beer, cooking oils and household cleaning industries in Southern Africa. We also other a comprehensive range of high quality performs.

Nampak Tubes
We are the leading laminated tube manufacturer in SA with more than 20 years experience in supplying customers with high quality laminated tubes. We manufacture a range of high barrier laminated tubes which can be printed in up to 7 colours. Our tubes are mainly used to pack tooth paste. Other applications include pharmaceutical products such as ointments, face washes and face creams.

Our thin walled tubs and lids can be manufactured in any design or shape, in a range of sizes and are mainly used to pack products such as yoghurt, ice cream, margarine and frozen chicken livers. Other applications include dips, condiments and spices. Our industrial containers and lids come in a range of sizes and are mainly used in the paint industry. Other applications include packing oil for the catering industry and disposal of medical waste.

Both the tubs and industrial containers may be printed or in mould labeled. In mould labeling offers the option of almost any design you may think of.

Nampak Megapak
We are South Africa’s leading manufacturer of plastic crates and drums and are the supplier of choice for market leaders across a diverse range of industries.

We manufacture a range of small, medium and large UN compliant drums for a variety of uses such as Chemicals and Edible oils in food applications. Our drums can also be tailored with custom neck format and vented closure options.
Our injection moulded HDPE crates and trays, available in an assortment of configurations, colours, sizes and print options, are used by market leaders in the Beverages, Agriculture, Bakery, Dairy, Poultry and non-food industries.


Nampak Bevcan
As Africa’s preferred provider of steel beverage cans and aluminium ends, we pride ourselves in delivering value added products and services to our national and international customers using processes and technologies that optimize the use of raw materials without compromising packaging integrity.

Our cans have tinplate steel bodies with aluminium ends and are available in standard and Slimline options ranging from 200ml – 440ml. We use high quality offset lithographic printing in up to six colours to provide high visual appeal and facilitate strong brand communications. Our promotional enhancements include coloured ends and tabs as well as a selection of printing finishes.

We manufacture beverage cans for the carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, vegetable and fruit juices and ice tea category segments.

Nampak DivFood
With over 60 years of experience, we make and supply a diverse range of high quality two and three-piece cans in both aluminium & tinplate, paint & other general line products for the DIY & Industrial market.

Our product range includes aerosol and general line cans, i.e. paint cans, aluminium bottles, food cans etc. Our offering also includes a comprehensive range of plain and lacquered ends, full aperture tinplate easy opening ends and peel-off ends, to meet the complete needs of the industry.

Nampak Closures
We offer the most diverse range of plastic, aluminium and tinplate closures. Our closures are designed and engineered to achieve maximum product integrity and filling line efficiencies and we are able to supply and service capping equipment.

Our product range includes twist off / press twist closures, ROPP closures, specialized closures and beverage plastic closures manufactured according to HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9002 requirements and are supplied to a diverse range of markets including Wine and Spirits, Fruit Juices, Sports and energy drinks, Mineral Water, Processed Foods and Motor Oils.


Nampak Glass
As a leading supplier of glass bottles and containers our reputation is one of service and delivery excellence, quality products and innovative solutions.
We manufacture a diverse range of returnable and non-returnable glass bottles in standard or custom designed shapes in a range of clear or coloured glass with a wide variety of neck and closure finishing options for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy and food markets.


Nampak Inspection & Coding Systems
We are the leading supplier of date coding and package inspection systems in Southern Africa offering the widest product range and largest support network in SA.

We are able to offer customers a wide range of reliable, efficient, high quality products from the Videojet, Marsh and TapTone brands, backed by 24-hour service, for both primary and secondary packaging.

TapTone Inspection Systems provide expert, on-line quality control by detecting fill level and pressure or vacuum loss, for the food and beverage industries. Videojet and Marsh date coding equipment offer small character, large character, thermal transfer and laser coding that is used across all industries that require variable or repetitive information on practically any substrate, in real-time.




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Latest Activity

Nampak encourages the next generation of packaging designers 11
Nampak encourages the next generation of packaging designers
The three winners of the Food Science and Technology Category of the 2013 IPSA Student Gold Pack Awards were recently announced at an awards luncheon in Johannesburg.
Nampak Liquid Cartons helps to “green” communities this Arbor Month 09
Nampak Liquid Cartons helps to “green” communities this Arbor Month
“Spring in September is a perfect time to reflect on the miracle that every tree represents a symbol of life,” said Jeunesse Park, founder of Food & Trees For Africa (FTFA) - an NGO specialising in tree planting as a means of mitigating the effects of climate change and greening previously disadvantaged local communities.
Nampak, attracting young graduates to packaging is a challenge 17
Nampak, attracting young graduates to packaging is a challenge
“Attracting young graduates to the packaging industry is a challenge and an opportunity,” says Fezekile Tshiqi, Nampak’s Group Human Resources Director.
Nampak Launches 2013 PENSchools Inter-Schools recycling competition 15
Nampak Launches 2013 PENSchools Inter-Schools recycling competition
Nampak, Africa’s largest packaging company, is committed to positive contributions in Education, Health, Welfare and the Environment through a focused Corporate Social Investment strategy.
Nampak breaks new ground on CSI education programme 24
Nampak breaks new ground on CSI education programme
Full service IT support, open source software and school champions are among the many new groundbreaking features of Nampak’s decade-old partner schools programme.

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