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A fresh approach to food packaging
Cibapac is a world-class South African manufacturer of quality food packaging – for meat, poultry, fish, cheese, ready meals, bakery, pizza, fast food and fresh produce. We are leaders in the following packaging sectors:

• PVC cling film – now with natural plasticisers
• Foamo trays (extruded polystyrene or XPS)
• Multi-layer vacuum/shrink bags.
• Artificial and fibrous casings for processed meat, including seamless casings for polonies.

Through our subsidiary, Cibapac Unsgaard & Samson, we supply baking papers, coffee and oil filters, coffee coasters, fibre wipes, napkins and other speciality paper products.

Cibapac has sophisticated production facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg, distribution centres in all major centres, as well as many distributors throughout the country.

With easy availability of innovative packaging solutions, our mission is the ongoing delivery of value and service – the right packaging at the right price.
Food quality and safety: the Cibapac assurance
Consumer and regulatory forces, not least the new Consumer Protection Act, mean that all food manufacturers have to do more to assure that the foods they produce are safely packed for consumption. Consumers have a right to expect safe, high-quality food. And it's a right that all in the supply chain are obliged to honour.

This is why we have gone the extra mile to win British Retail Consortium-certification for our world-class factory campus in Cape Town's Montague Gardens.

BRC is a rigorous international standard that requires implementation of strict risk, quality and safety management systems. For the past two years, we have achieved the highest possible audit rating.

At Cibapac, we understand that food safety is a non-negotiable for our customers and that only first-rate packaging for food will do. We believe food safety assurance is about sense, not cents.
The Cibapac commitment
Cibapac prides itself on being flexible and customer-centric. We have our finger on the market and an ear for our customers' requirements – and we act on them.

In an ever-changing business environment, we recognise that as a packaging supplier we have to be creative and innovative in finding solutions that not only reduce costs for our customers, but which also offer points of differentiation in the retail marketplace.

Cibapac always looks to bring new products to the fore, not only with interesting imports, but also by maximising and expanding our own world-class production facilities that are manned by skilled technical personnel.

The Cibapac commitment is to be proactive; to do work we're proud of; to treat people with respect; to stand by our principals of professionalism, integrity and delivery; and, most importantly, to ship our solutions to a growing number of satisfied customers.
Cibapac Contacts
Cape Town (Head Office)
3 Graph Avenue
Montague Gardens
Cape Town

PO Box 36770
Chempet 7442

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28 Dan Jacobs Street

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Call Centre:
Unit 6 Riverside Business Park
74 Prince Mhlangana
Durban North

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19 Phillip Fourie Street
East End

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Port Elizabeth
Unit 9 Neave Industrial Park
Bennett Street, Neave Tsp
Port Elizabeth

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Product Range

High-gloss PVC food films
Now made with approved natural plasticisers!

• Protects fresh food and enhances presentation with high gloss and great visual appeal.

• Automated technology allows the ultra-precise and consistent production of film – for better film functionality and product shelf life.

• Guaranteed smooth unwinding and total use of entire roll.

• Suitable for manual or automated machines. Can be supplied pre-perforated.

• Can be printed in one to five colours.

Extensive choice of foamo trays
For more than 60 years, extruded polystyrene (XPS) has been the material of choice for much food packaging – and remains so for today and the future. Our foamo trays combine:

* simplicity * strength * lightweight protection * versatility * heat/cold retention * least possible environmental impact * keen pricing

Available in black, white or three-colour branded printing, Cibapac offers an extensive choice of food-grade foamo flat and clam-shell trays for: * fast foods * red meat * poultry * seafood * baked goods * pizza * fresh produce

See our new deep drawn Unitray – priced significantly less than any polyprop options.

Available in three popular sizes – 1345, 1545 and 1845 – in both black and white. Coloured trays offered subject to volumes.

Multi-layered vacuum bags

• Top quality, five-layer barrier bags – highly secure pouches that preserve and extend the shelf life of fresh and processed meat products.
• Automated dosage and thickness control of each polymer layer ensures the bags' consistency and functionality.
• Outer and inner polyolefin layers for extra water and moisture protection.
• Reduced leaker rates and protection from outside abrasion moisture – thanks to a sandwiched nylon layer. This also creates a high oxygen barrier to retard bacterial growth.
• Minimal curl - this equates to more secure and consistent seals and better draw of vacuum.
• Excellent clarity enhances retail display and merchandising opportunities.
• Can be flexo printed.

High-performance shrink bags

• Ideally suited for packaging fresh and processed meat products, with or without bones.
• Incorporating advanced nine-layer technology, these bags are designed to give fresh meat or cheese up to six months shelf life (under ideal conditions).
• EVOH barrier, high transparency and gloss, excellent puncture resistance, high shrinkage of up to 50%, overlap seal (multiple bags in a sealing chamber won't stick to each other), excellent sealing even on contaminated seal surfaces.
• Strengths of 45 - 100 micron. Available as bottom seal round (BSR), bottom seal straight (BSS) or side seal (SS).
• Can be flexo printed.

Processed meat casings
Cibapac offers a broad range of fibrous and polymer casings for the meat industry:

• Seamless multi-layer nylon casings for polonies
• No longitudinal weld which eliminates a potential point of weakness or bursting during processing – a significant advantage over other types of casings.
• Hygienic, super-strong and resistant to abrasion, high temperatures and flex crack.
• Supplied shirred and cut/clipped/looped for easy application.
• Can be flexo printed in up to six colours on one side or both sides.

Kalle fibrous, cellulose and polymer casings

Cibapac is the exclusive local distributor of Kalle sausage casings, one of the world‘s leading producers of viscose, plastic and textile artificial sausage casings.

Kalle is renowned for product quality and innovation – it supplies casings for every application.

Barrier base & lidding films
For thermoform and MAP packaging systems, Cibapac offers flexible and semi-rigid base and lidding films, all with requisite barrier properties and in a range of thicknesses.

Flexible base and top films
• Five-layer, co-extruded films combine ease of thermoforming and high clarity with excellent barrier properties for vacuum packing fresh and processed meats and cheese.
• Available in 100 to 200 micron.
• Also available in extra-high-barrier EVOH construction.

Rigid base and top films for MAP
• Rigid and semi-rigid APET base films for thermoform packaging that is gas-flushed or MAP (modified atmosphere packaging).
• High barrier, APET material has excellent clarity and forming coupled with the required barrier qualities for shelf life extension. Thicknesses range from 300 to 700 micron in clear or black film.
• Top films available in 30 to 65 micron.
• Shrinkable, peelable and anti-fog options.
APET barrier trays for MAP
Pre-formed APET barrier trays for MAP packaging of fresh meat, poultry and mince.

• Available in standard sizes with various depths, in clear and black options.
• Offer excellent clarity and rigidity coupled with optimal gas-barrier properties for shelf-life extension.
• Complemented by specialised Cibaflex top films with shrinkable and anti-fog properties.
Cibapac Unsgaard & Samson

Unsgaard & Samson has a long history in the paper and packaging field. It operates in niche markets supplying both manufacturing and catering customers with a range of specialised paper, plastic and non-woven products.

• Absorbent tray liners
• Waxed and coated papers
• Baking papers
• Filter papers
• Fabric wipes
• Bag closures and vine ties
• Food wraps and separators: hamburger separators, cheese dividers, ink skin discs, doilies etc
• Die-cut papers



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Address 3 Graph Avenue, Montague Gardens, Cape Town  
Postal PO Box 36770, Chempet, 7442  

Latest Activity

Meat packaging: trends turn to vac bags 26
Meat packaging: trends turn to vac bags
There has been a marked change in South Africa’s retail meat chillers – namely the growth in the use of vacuum bags for a variety of fresh products, from roasts and racks, to marinated ribs and kebabs – and to the benefit of both consumer and the butcher.
Cibapac adds some zip to work-a-day ‘foamo’ trays 28
Cibapac adds some zip to work-a-day ‘foamo’ trays
When it comes to an array of supermarket foods – fresh produce, meat, baked goods, and fast food – a pack of choice for its functionality and low cost is the ‘foamo’ or extruded polystyrene (PS) tray.

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