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Builders Trade Depot operates 30 outlets catering mostly for medium- to large-sized contractors and tradesmen engaged in building, maintenance and renovation projects. It also focuses on servicing the needs of construction entrepreneurs who need trade credit, telephonic ordering and want bulk goods delivered from lowcost outlets. 


Builders Trade Depot originated from the acquisition of 34 Federated Timber stores that were rebranded in 2005. 8 smaller stores have since been closed and Builders Trade Depot now trades from 30 outlets catering predominantly for medium to large sized contractors and tradesmen engaged in building, maintenance and renovation projects.

The chain supplies contractors across a broad spectrum of the building industry, with a main focus being on those contractors doing individual homes to mass and residential housing, alterations-additions-renovations of any magnitude, hospitals and clinics, schools and maintenance for Industry and Government. This is Supported by significant credit facilities (for approved contractors); flexible pricing on significant purchases; custom manufacturing (joinery & trusses); cost estimating; product advice and on site delivery 


The history of the group goes back some 150 years, making it probably the oldest Building Material Merchant in South Africa. Over the years there have been several mergers and take-overs which saw businesses like W F Johnstone, Hillman Bros, Blaikie-Johnstone, Sam Newmans, Wardkiss and many others incorporated into the group.

Federated Timbers was part of Federated Blaikie Limited, a building material division within the Barlow Group (now known as Barloworld), until early 1999.

Following Barlow's decision to exit this division, 31 branches of Federated Timbers were sold to a combination of a black empowerment company, NABCAT Empowerment Holdings and the Federated Timbers Employee Incentive Share Trust.

Following five years of significant growth in turnover and profitability, discussions with Massmart Holdings commenced, and with effect 1st June 2005, Federated Timbers became part of Massmart and was incorporated into the new trading division of Massbuild established to house Massmart's building material outlets.

In 2008 the trading name was changed from Federated Timbers to Builders Trade Depot.

Builders Trade Depot is comprised of 30 branches throughout South Africa, employing some 1 250 people, and specialising in the supply of building materials.