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DueSouth is recognised as a key player in the outdoor lifestyle market. It caters for modern, hi-tech, outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy shopping in an environment which stocks a wide range of products that correspond to their lifestyle. The target market comprises the middle to upper income groups. 


Exclusive distribution rights are held for Columbia and The North Face, two major international outdoor brands, enhancing the brand’s market position. The chain also provides products under the in-house DueSouth trademark, which play an accessible alternative and complementary role. Having only been trading since 2004, the chain constantly updates its product range in order to cater fully for the market’s perceived tastes and to strengthen its market position.

The unique and modern stores (well accepted by customers) are complemented by specialist staff who are well trained in the latest technology and innovations that are part of the exciting outdoor lifestyle market.

The Sports division occupies a leading position in its space in the retail sector, and is well represented in shopping centres, CBDs, high streets and rural towns throughout southern Africa where it has built up a high reputation with the sporting fraternities and other interest groups making up its target markets. It is recognised by leading international suppliers of sportswear and sports equipment as a key retail distribution channel in South Africa and also supports a number of local manufacturers through its in-house brands.

The three largest organisations active internationally in sportswear, Nike, Adidas and Puma, have officially recognised the Sports division as a preferred football partner for the 2010 World Cup, a status which will position the division to reap excellent benefits from that competition.