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Exact! represents accessible fashion for everybody and is positioned as the group's value chain, selling a compelling and exciting range, most of which is exclusive to Exact! 


We offer our customers a consistent range of smart-casualwear which is easy to dress up or down and to combine. Our merchandise is well co-ordinated and housed, making Exact! a simple shopping experience.

While not the cheapest in the marketplace, we ensure that we offer excellent value for money. Value is measured by achieving a constant price-quality equation in line with our customers’ expectations.

Based in shopping malls, high streets and rural areas, we offer our diverse group of customers a consistent Exact! experience wherever they choose to shop.

Exact! targets LSM 5 – 8 and is perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growing group of South African shoppers 


The division’s strategy has been designed to grow revenue and entrench customers’ confidence in
the value they receive by shopping at its stores. Specific areas of the business have been identified for exploitation on this basis.