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5 Key Shopper Marketing Trends for 2014
5 Key Shopper Marketing Trends for 2014

5 Key Shopper Marketing Trends for 2014


Dec 11th, 12:08

Richard Wells, CEO of international retail marketing agency Visual Fusion, picks the top trends in retail point-of-sale (POS) branding and shopper marketing for 2014:

1. Influencing shopper purchasing behaviour through technology:
In the complex modern shopping context, retailers have realised that by properly understanding the motivation and behaviour of shoppers, they can influence their choices. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you as a shopper are being manipulated to buy something you hadn’t planned to then that’s exactly what is happening! Shopper research techniques are being increasingly used to persuade shoppers to buy more or better. Richard Wells, CEO of Visual Fusion a Retail Marketing Specialist, comments: “We employ fixed and mobile camera work and digital tracking tools extensively to understand how and why shoppers shop. Once we’ve understood behavior we create POS solutions that influence customers’ incremental or unplanned purchases.”

2. The informal market shopping experience morphs into formal.
Conventional wisdom says Township shopping is chaotic, poorly merchandised, limited in range, lower end branded, and expensive. The reality is that the Grocers are changing the game. As Shoprite and Spar accelerate their township offering so shoppers expectations increases. Wells added that market research studies suggest there are as many as 200,000 buying points across South Africa. That’s a lot of opportunity to influence shoppers for Consumer Goods companies. To date there has been limited interest by the big Consumer Goods companies in this lower end retail space. This will change.

3. Easier shopping for time-starved consumers:
More than ever, consumers are struggling to fit everything in to the average workday and time-saving is crucial. To win customers hearts, retailers need to make shopping easier and more convenient. “We have to make the path to purchase easier, by helping them locate products and make informed choices, simple one-stop solutions are required to take the pain out of trailing around a store trying to find the ketchup that goes with the Vienna,” says Wells.

4. Sustainability and waste management:
Sustainability is becoming a big issue confronting retailers. Most point-of-sale material is made of paper, plastic and board, which create logistical challenges for the disposal of the materials as waste. Retailers want environmentally friendly, manageable solutions. As retailers count the cost of their carbon footprint, there is a move towards using permanent display solutions that can be re-used and adapted for different campaigns as well as decluttering retail aisles.

5. Working with security challenges in the South African shopping context:
The South African context has its own unique challenges in terms of shopper marketing. In major retail stores, theft is an issue and in taverns and spaza shops security is a major concern. Goods are often placed in cages or on shelves behind bars, with small serving hatches. Therefore, influencing consumer behavior is challenging. Clever shopper marketing will meet these challenges by understanding how to influence the environment and leverage key decision trigger points in confined spaces.  

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