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A fresh, new look from Glyco-Lemon

A fresh, new look from Glyco-Lemon
A fresh, new look from Glyco-Lemon

A fresh, new look from Glyco-Lemon


Oct 29th 2012, 08:13

Glyco-Lemon’s Vanishing Creams are now available in vibrant new 50ml tubes.

• The new tubes retain a strong visual resemblance to the old jars for easy consumer recognition.

• The new tubes have a small footprint, maximizing sales/shelf-space ratio.

• With enhanced application and storage, the new tubes are more user-friendly for the consumer.

• Glyco-Lemon’s tried and tested formula gets a boost from Betafin BP20 which adds long-lasting moisture that protects and softens the skin.

• Glyco-Lemon Vanishing Cream with Vitamin E or Lemon removes excess oil and shine without blocking pores and helps to protect against blemishes, leaving the skin smooth and perfectly prepped for make-up.Click here for more information on A.J. North 

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