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Ads24 local title readership shows growth
Ads24 local title readership shows growth

Ads24 local title readership shows growth


Nov 5th, 09:21

New Compass24 local newspaper audience measurement research released

According to the newly released Compass24 research study, Ads24 local newspapers have a total readership of 5.5 million (as compared to 5,2 mil in 2011) and access to an audience with significant disposable income, 57% fall within the middle market (LSM 6-8) and 38% are LSM 9-10. Compass24 is an in-depth research study that gives direction to marketers and fresh insight into the communities that Ads24 local newspapers reach, thus giving access to some of the most valuable and unmissable consumer markets.

Ads24 commissioned Ask Afrika to conduct this audience measurement research and initial findings were recently revealed in a series of three launch events in Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town. The research data is available on Telmar, IMS and on the Compass24 website.

Compass24 offers comprehensive information and provides reliable and current readership figures and insight into 76 Media24 local newspaper titles; competitor local newspapers within the Media24 footprint and daily and weekly newspapers. There are 7.4 million people in this footprint, 74% or 5.5 million of these people read Ads24 titles and 84.8% of these readers (4.7 million people) have read Ads24 titles in the last 7 days (AIR-average issue readership). Ads24 titles offer reach, relevance and a captive, engaged audience to advertisers.

“There has been an increase in the number of copies read since Compass24 2011 and a number of elements have evolved in Compass24 research: firstly we delved deeper into the consumers’ behaviour, preferences and interests of specific communities; secondly we will bring you additional market segments and more regular updates. Compass24 allows media planners and strategists to effectively match brands to markets,” said Evan Smith, Business Manager of Local Newspapers at Ads24.

Compass24 2013/2014 has 3 Waves and a sample size of 33 000 people over an 18 month period. Wave 1, conducted in 2013, involved 10,921 interviews which represents 5.5 million readers. The survey measures content relevance/appeal and advertising relevance. Wave 2 will also include digital consumption; rotated content and provides a wealth of information about shopping behaviour over various categories including: Grocery, Automotive, Fast food and Education.

The take outs from Wave 1 of Compass24 2013/2014 provide data on Readership, Shopping Centres, Shopping Patterns, Appliances & Computer Electronics, Furniture and DIY. In addition Compass24 provides insight into the advertising preferences of readers. Over half of readers indicated that their preferred promotions in local newspapers are “buy one/get one free” type of offers.

Out of the 5.5 million readers 51% read almost the entire newspaper, 38% said that they are specifically interested in advertising and promotions, 85% work actively with inserts and 59% feel that community topics are well dealt with. Local newspapers have a responsibility to serve their communities in which they operate.

“The idea of one decision maker in a household is no-longer relevant . The number of influencers in a household is increasing and becoming broader. Brand decision making is becoming more complex as a result of dynamic relationships within households. Consumers are living in bigger households, multiple families are sharing a household, which indicates multiple influencers.” said Sarina de Beer, MD of Ask Afrika.

“There is a sense of ownership and trust that communities place in local titles that adds a great deal of credibility to the advertisements placed in them. In addition, Ads24 local title readers earn on average R6703 and 23% of the readers earn R20 000 or more per month, providing a winning formula for marketers.” Continues de Beer.

The research dispels the myth that the younger generations, who are digitally active, are not interested in reading newspapers, the content is about the immediate community and therefore relevant to the youth. The following topics were regarded by readers as good quality and pitched at the right level: community news, crime & policing, local government news, advertising and promotions, social news and CSR. Local newspapers content is appreciated by 59% of its readers.

The outlook for local newspapers is positive and attrition levels are low only 3% of respondents said they would not continue to read their local title, 97% said that they would read it again, 19% were first time readers of the local title and 81% had read the title before.

“Local newspapers provide reach into specific communities, from provinces to towns and suburbs and this allows for highly focused and cost effective advertising. Local titles provide an ideal opportunity for advertising to reach specified target audiences through geo-demographic and socio-linguistic delineations. Media strategists can access comprehensive research and examine the readership profiles across various regions through Compass24. Local newspapers are South Africa’s gem; they cater to our diversity and speak to the individual and the community directly, in a language they can understand,” said Linda Gibson, CEO of Ads24.

In conclusion the latest Compass24 2013 has shown that Ads24 titles have significant penetration in its key footprints; a comprehensive readership which is increasing; there are low levels of attrition and it is the only print platform in growth. Advertisers will benefit from the broad base relevance of local titles that speaks directly to influencers and decision makers and it is the perfect platform to connect emotionally and to tap into critical service dimensions (trust, effort, humanness and CSI). 

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