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Arniston Bay launches its Wine-Based Taste Infusions

Arniston Bay launches its Wine-Based Taste Infusions
Arniston Bay launches its Wine-Based Taste Infusions

Arniston Bay launches its Wine-Based Taste Infusions


Aug 14th, 08:25

Elegant, refreshing, low alcohol and perfect for summer enjoyment

Arniston Bay Wines announces the release of its two unique, wine-based taste infusions: the Arniston Bay Graviola and Passion Fruit Infusion and Arniston Bay Mint Aloe and Lemongrass Infusion.

Innovative and convenient with screw-cap-type closures, these elegant wine-based taste infusions are refreshing and fashionably low-alcohol at only 5.5% alcohol. After having been enticed by the eye-catching packaging; the aromatic, fresh bouquet and explosive taste infusions promise to tantalize. Lightly spritzed, for added zing, the alluring bubbles and fine, consistent texture culminate in an organic crispness and complex, invigorating finish. Infused only with natural tastes and using no artificial colouring, the packaging of these eco-friendly Infusions is also 100% recyclable. These all-occasions taste infusions, attractively presented in shrink-wrapped 750ml bottles, are perfect for sundowners, aperitifs, picnics, poolside sipping and parties. Serve in a big wine glass with crushed ice, or very well chilled from an ice bucket, and let your senses enjoy the array of tastes. Ideal on its own, or enjoy with canapés or sushi.

Tasting notes

The Arniston Bay Graviola and Passion Fruit Infusion

This taste infusion, derived from the unique combination of these two distinct, tropical fruits, is intriguing. The fleshy, juicy passion fruit’s perfect ripeness, coupled with its natural zestiness, creates a delightfully tangy taste sensation. The graviola evokes a combination of strawberry, pineapple and citrus notes, contrasted with an underlying creaminess reminiscent of coconut and banana. The fusion of the passion fruit’s bursting piquancy, the exotic playfulness of the graviola and the freshness of sauvignon blanc grapes together with the light spritzing, makes for a refreshingly elegant taste experience.

Arniston Bay Wines’ laid-back but passionate winemaker, Abraham de Villiers, describes the infusion as a “bubbly wine with fresh fruity aromas, following through to a full middle-palate, finishing in crisp freshness”.

The Arniston Bay Mint, Aloe and Lemongrass Infusion

Lemony and earthy, lemongrass imbues this infusion with a delightful freshness, further enhanced by hints of crisp mint, rounded by the natural flavours of soothing aloe. This unusual, distinctive taste infusion, together with the zesty freshness of lightly spritzed sauvignon blanc, results in a delicious and vibrant taste expression.

Winemaker, Abraham de Villiers, highlights the distinctive aromas of mint, aloe and lemongrass and goes on to describe this infusion as “concentrated with a herbal, grassy character, thick-textured fruit and a bubbly personality”.

In-store availability

These wine-based taste infusions are available at select retail outlets nationwide and are located in the ‘wine’ or ‘light wine’ sections. Easily visible in store with their distinctive packaging and striking display stands. They are also available at Welmoed Tasting Room in Stellenbosch: Telephone .

Launch competition

Arniston Bay Infusions have an exciting neck collarette launch competition on offer, where one can enter via sms and stand a chance to win one of ten Arniston Bay Infusion hampers. Participants should sms WINE INFUSIONS, their name and surname as well as their own suggestion for a new wine infusion to 33711.

Background to the launch of Arniston Bay Infusions

Arniston Bay Wines’ innovative creations were born out of a response to the market demand for a premium-end infused wine-based product. These crisp, refreshing taste infusions are positioned in the low-alcohol wine sector, as opposed to the ‘ready-to-drink’ category, catering for curious wine-drinkers wishing to embark on a taste adventure in their pursuit of something different. With the increased popularity of low alcoholic beverages, Arniston Bay Wines has sought to align itself with this market trend as well.

This lifestyle-driven product is modern, chic and refreshing. The convenience of the wines – with their immediate drinkability and screw-cap-type closure (namely Roll on Pilfer Proof, the shorter version of the conventional screw-cap) – is particularly enticing, given the demand for immediate gratification in this fast-paced world.

In keeping with the global trend of eco-friendliness, the graviola and lemongrass tastes are natural with the remaining components being ‘Nature Identical’.

Arniston Bay Wines

The Arniston Bay Wine Infusions are the latest addition to the popular Arniston Bay range of wines produced by Stellenbosch Vineyards. Arniston Bay is no stranger to innovation, having been voted the Most Admired South African Wine Brand in 2011 in a Drinks International survey for the innovative wine pouch launched in the UK. Inspired by the sunny skies and pristine beaches of the quaint fishing village from which the brand derives its name, these unpretentious wines are ideal for those carefree, easy-drinking wine occasions – anywhere, anytime. Click here for more information on Arniston Bay 

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