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European readers put trust and value in print advertising
European readers put trust and value in print advertising

European readers put trust and value in print advertising


Nov 25th, 08:58

Ads24 shares the latest INMA report Research Findings

European reader trust is still high, 80% of quality readers trust their newspaper. The International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) has recently released their latest research that shows the efficacy of print advertising in Europe. Ads24 share insights from an article by Marek Miller, a contributing editor to INMA.

The INMA, Research and Analysis of Media (RAM) study into European consumer feelings about newspapers and newspaper advertising revealed that 44% of readers think advertising in their newspaper is attention grabbing, 43% of readers get important information from their newspapers advertising and 32% say newspaper advertising influences their purchase decisions.

72% of readers believe the newspaper is addressing the topical needs of the reader and 79% of European newspaper readers say they will continue to read their newspaper in the future. 39% of European newspaper readers think the price of their newspaper is fair.

UK readers are most loyal, 79% of readers plan to keep reading the print product, 44% say newspaper advertising grabs their attention, and 52% think content should be free. Newspapers are also most likely to be recommended in the UK, with 21% of respondents willing to recommend their newspaper of choice to their friends. It is the country where readers spend most time with the newspaper.

Of those surveyed, 75% of people read the newspaper at least twice a week, 8% of the sample were between the ages of 15 and 29, 13% aged 30-39; 56% were male, 44% female. The research was conducted in 14 European countries (no southern Europe countries were included). In all, 80 newspapers were included in the study and almost 30,000 readers were surveyed. Among the titles were 54 quality titles, 26 mid-/mass-market titles, the majority of them coming from Northern Europe.

INMA RAM Europe digital insights:

• 56% of European newspaper readers use the newspaper’s Web site as the complimentary source for news.
• 21% of European newspaper readers downloaded the newspaper app.
• Social media is not the king here; 12% of European newspaper readers follow their newspaper on Facebook, 4% on Twitter, and 4% via newsletter/RSS feed.

Regarding paid content, the respondents answered whether they will pay for digital content:

• 32% said they are ready to pay for the content.
• 52% believe digital content should be free.
• 32% declared willingness to pay for exclusive information they have never seen before.
• 6% offered an open answer to this question. 

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