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Freshpak’s new Fruit Tea Range

Download Freshpak’s new Fruit Tea Range trade presenter
Download Freshpak’s new Fruit Tea Range trade presenter

Freshpak’s new Fruit Tea Range


May 8th 2012, 10:38

Freshpak Fruit Teas combine pomegranate, apple, cranberry, peach & lemon fruit juice with Freshpak rooibos tea extract. Freshpak is South Africa’s favourite rooibos tea brand. . It is naturally caffeine free and a source of antioxidants.

Freshpak Fruit Teas are manufactured under license by the Real Beverage Company and are only available in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Available in convenient 500ml packs and 300 ml packs for on-the-go and 1,5Lt take-home packs.
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Product Code 2401913
Unit Size 1.5Lt
Unit Barcode 6006040003661
Shrink Barcode
Shrink Config
Case Barcode 16006040003668
Case Config 6 x 1.5L
Apple Ginger 1.5Lt

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When you next look for your favourite Freshpak Specialty in your local supermarket, be sure to look for the new packaging! The tins are being replaced with cartons from August 2012, and the distinct new packaging has been specifically designed to make it easier for you to identify on the shelf.

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