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New Ads24 Think Afrikaans Fotoverhaal Winners announced
New Ads24 Think Afrikaans Fotoverhaal Winners announced

New Ads24 Think Afrikaans Fotoverhaal Winners announced


Jul 8th, 08:12

Ads24 have announced the 2nd and 3rd rounds of winners in their annual Think Afrikaans campaign. The initial phase of the Think Afrikaans competition, this year, involves the completion of a ‘fotoverhaal’ or an Afrikaans graphic novel. The first part of this retro black and white cowboy story, with girls included, was told and it is up to the entrants to complete it. Every two weeks there are two spreads (a DPS) - to complete by filling in the speech bubbles and some picture props. The winner of the best pages that are selected to continue the story for the next two weeks gets R1 000, runners-up will receive R500.

The winner of DPS 3 & 4 is Lize Dekker and the runner-up is Nadine Murphy. The winner of DPS 5 & 6 is Zan-Mari Voges and the runner-up is Joelene Hall. Please click here to see the winning entries.

There is only one more round of the ‘fotoverhaal’ to go, so if the thought of winning R1000 appeals to you click here to enter.

Once the picture novel is complete, entrants will be invited to design a suitable front cover for the ‘fotoverhaal’ as part of the Ads24 annual T-shirt design competition. This leg of the competition has some fantastic prizes on offer, including an Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPad. The final winners will be announced at the Pendoring Awards in September.
Ads24 have specifically designed the annual Think Afrikaans campaign to celebrate Afrikaans and to give opportunity to creative professionals to hone their skills in producing quality Afrikaans advertising, through this fun competition.

“Afrikaans newspapers play an important role in the market when it comes to the dissemination of important information, which includes commercial messages. These newspapers are top quality products that have to satisfy the editorial needs of a very specific market. Advertisements in these newspapers must therefore satisfy the opportunities that are created in this niche market and add value to the existing editorial work. A bad or weak advertisement doesn’t just cripple the product, service or brand being advertised, but also affects the overall quality of the publication in which it appears,” says Tim du Plessis, executive editor of Afrikaans newspapers at Media24, “Beeld’s nearly 513 000 daily readers and Rapport’s more than 1 million weekly readers prove that there is a great demand for the editorial content of these newspapers.”

On the subject of mother-tongue advertising, Du Plessis says, “Everywhere in the world the value of mother-tongue advertising is respected and appreciated. However, a benevolent ignorance exists in South Africa, as there is a docile assumption that, surely, all South Africans understand English. Understanding is one thing, but appreciate is something completely different. People appreciate it more when they are addressed in the language of their hearts. It can also increase the chances of attaining commercial success.”

Think Afrikaans and you’ll think of a descriptive language with a colourful tradition of storytelling. Before die ‘kassie’ (TV) and die ‘wêreldwye web’ (interweb), there was die ‘draadloos’ (radio), ‘spotprente’ (comics) and the ‘pièce de Afrikaans résistance, fotoverhale’ (photo novels). They were cool then and, in something of a cult revival, they are now retro-cool. The inspiration comes from Afrikaans comics such as Bittercomix.

To enter please click go to the following link:

Bittercomix full-link: 

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