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NRF Vita-C 2000 and Vita-C 300
NRF Vita-C 2000 and Vita-C 300

NRF Vita-C 2000 and Vita-C 300


Jun 22nd 2012, 11:12

NRF Vita-C 2000 and NRF Vita-C 300 not only help keep illness at bay, but also address many other health problems. The body cannot manufacture vitamin C on its own so it is important to complement the diet with a good vitamin C supplement. Besides the common cold and flu, vitamin C plays an important role in helping to prevent other ailments and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has been established that most body processes and diseases are influenced by vitamin C.

Benefits of vitamin C:

i) Vitamin C is vital for the cardiovascular system as it cleans the arteries and enables a healthy flow of blood to the heart.

ii) Because vitamin C boosts the white blood cell count, an individual who consumes high doses of vitamin C has a less likely chance of contracting diseases as it helps enhance the immune system.

iii) When vitamin C is digested, it becomes a water soluble antioxidant and when in the water soluble state, vitamin C can directly affect the free radicals in the body.

iv) Collagen is the essential part of connective tissue which is needed for the framework of the body - the skin, bones, teeth, blood vessels, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. These all rely on collagen and vitamin C helps collagen synthesis.

NRF Vita-C 2000 is a concentrate in granule form which contains Bioflavonoids and Rutin and should be taken on an empty stomach to be fully effective. NRF Vita-C 300 tablets also contain Bioflavonoids and should be taken regularly for ongoing well being. NRF natural health products are manufactured from pure raw materials and FoodMatrix™ (plant protein & mixed carotenoids) which are unique to all NRF Health products and 100% safe.

*Pregnant ladies should always check with their doctors before taking any supplements, just to be on the safe side.

NRF Vita-C 2000 150g granules Shrink-wrapped in 6’s (Nappi 854050-019)
NRF Vita-C 300 30 tablets Shrink-wrapped in 10’s (Nappi 854069-003)

NRF Health products are available from UPD, Alpha Pharm and other wholesalers.

Enquiries: NRF Health  

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