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Peter Bradley
Peter Bradley
Pouyoukas Foods takes on new CEO and Snack Factory Brands
Pouyoukas Foods takes on new CEO and Snack Factory Brands
Pouyoukas Bulgar Wheat
Pouyoukas Bulgar Wheat

Pouyoukas Foods takes on new CEO and Snack Factory Brands


Jul 11th, 13:08

In a major expansion drive, Pouyoukas Foods has appointed Peter Bradley as CEO and taken over the Snack Factory range of products.

The Snack Factory range comprises 19 varieties of flavoured peanuts and ready to eat popcorn and is targeted at the snack market. Pouyoukas has 26 products in its range, which include snacks, flours, cereals, pulses, seeds and grains. Its focus is on healthy eating.

With 30 years of experience in warehousing, logistics and distribution in the FMCG sector, Bradley plans to drive a new and improved brand focus for Pouyoukas and Snack Factory. “The motivation for Snack Factory is that we understand its market and the environment. It falls in line with our strategy of growing brands,” he explains.

Pouyoukas also supplies a large quantity of private label to a market that has expanded exponentially. “The top end of the market as grown from 2 500 stores in the 1990s to 6 500 stores today. With this large footprint, logistics costs are much higher and distribution has had to become fairly technical. The complexities around “selective picking off the truck” and the high rate of returns are some of the issues that must be managed in order to improve on truck turnaround times,” Bradley says. He plans to develop models that are cost efficient for distributor and manufacturer.

“Another strategy is to bring our key accounting function in-house. Traditionally everything was outsourced to third party service providers. We will now manage the process in a structured environment for both Pouyoukas and Snack Factory.

In line with these improvements, Pouyoukas will be changing its packaging to a new quad pack design. The square packaging is more consumer-friendly with a flat base that allows it to stand upright. “We aim to deliver the right product to the right store in the right packaging configuration at the right time for the right price,” he concludes. 

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