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Savanna Cider now even more can-venient
Savanna Cider now even more can-venient

Savanna Cider now even more can-venient


May 9th, 08:00

After 17 years in its iconic clear glass bottle, Savanna Premium Cider is now branching out into the can format, to meet consumer demand for cans.

“The Can is more can-venient for our fans,” says Liezl Dippenaar, Marketing Manager Savanna: Southern Africa. “It’s lighter. It’s tougher. It’s more versatile. It’s stackable. It chills faster and stays chilled for longer. What’s more, you can take it places, on your head or while using public transport more easily. You can open it anywhere, without a bottle opener, for instance when you’re at an impromptu social occasion, when you’re camping, at a music festival, an outdoor event, or carrying stock to your house party.”

Savanna fans can rest assured that Savanna 330ml will taste the same and cost the same in a can, but offer even more convenience.

Savanna is already seeing consumers respond positively to the can. Dippenaar said: “We are very excited about the launch of Savanna in a can and although our cans have only been on South African shelves for a few weeks, we are already seeing an enormously positive response from consumers – both in terms of retail and on our social media channels.”

“The Savanna brand is stronger than ever and the launch of the can will show consumers – who are asking for more versatility – that we have their interests at heart,” says Dippenaar.
Savanna Dry is being launched in the new 330ml can in response to market demand. “Format innovation is a requirement for big brands. Savanna is an innovative brand that listens to its consumers and strives to offer fans convenience and affordability without compromising on quality,” explains Dippenaar.

In designing the new can, the original Savanna bottle shape and other distinctive Savanna iconography have been incorporated into the can design: “The bottle is still the main icon of brand, and we even have it printed on the can, but the distinctive Savanna yellow and acacia tree in the logo will also make it immediately distinguishable as Savanna.”

Dippenaar explains further: “If you look at our iconic bottle, its simplicity is what makes it unique, unpretentious and classic. To replicate that on a can was quite a challenge. We are very proud of the design that incorporates our bottle shape, but deconstructs our logo elements to create something that is distinctively different to our competitors. The gold colour also has impressive consumer appeal and our loyal fans have commented positively on the design in all our social spaces.”

Klaus Hass, sales & marketing director of Nampak Bevcan, the manufacturers of the new Savanna Dry can, says the move towards cans is an important industry trend.
“Over the past few years we have seen a growth in excess of 25% in alcoholic beverages in cans,” Hass said.

One of the greatest benefits of cans is that it is 100% recyclable and more eco-friendly than several other packaging formats.

“Many consumers are demanding cans because they are the greenest choice in beverage packaging. Over 72% of all beverage cans produced in South Africa are collected for recycling. That is almost double that of any other beverage packaging type.”

“Since cans cool quickly and stay that way for longer it uses less energy for refrigeration while allowing consumers to enjoy ice cold drinks for longer.”

There are more benefits, says Hass. “Cans are often also more practical and portable. Cans also deliver 100% protection against oxygen, gas, light, moisture and other potential contaminants. They have a longer shelf life, so they keep your beverage tasting as fresh as the day it was made.”

“Cans are also hassle free. They are lightweight, durable and unbreakable, and therefore safer for consumers to use,” says Hass.

The collection of cans for recycling is also a source of income for unemployed people in South Africa. It is estimated that over 100,000 unemployed South Africans supplement their living through the collection and recycling of cans. Check out and see how you can help.

Savanna. It’s dry. But you can drink it.

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