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The “Magic” of Guava

The “Magic” of Guava
The “Magic” of Guava

The “Magic” of Guava


Mar 16th 2012, 08:13

Guava is known as a ‘superfood’. It is high in pectin, antioxidants, fiber, nutrients and contains four times the amount of vitamin C than oranges. It is a tropical fruit, green in color that changes to light yellow as the fruit ripens. Some varieties have pink flesh with small seeds and can also be seedless.

How to eat Guava?

The entire guava fruit can be eaten including the skin. Removing the seeds is optional.

Drinking guava juice can be very beneficial to your health.

Guavas can also be added to curries and are delicious in smoothies

Like all fruits, guava is best eaten raw.

Health Benefits of Guava

1. The guava fruit is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. When compared to citrus fruits such as the orange, the guava has over four to five times the Vitamin C of the orange.

2. The guava fruit is also rich in calcium, Vitamin A and B, as well as iron, foliate, and have very high fiber content.

3. Guava help to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure

4. Eating guavas also improves blood circulation and therefore plays a role in strengthening the heart.

5. Guava is excellent in preventing as well as treating scurvy, asthma, acidosis, congestion of the lungs, as well as aiding in the treatment of prolonged menstruation.


In conclusion

Guava is not only the latest trend in color according to fashionistas but also a magical fruit that provides health benefits. Aside from having the small fruit which serves as a snack between meals, you can now have a glass of Wilde 100% Guava juice. Wilde 100% contains no added preservatives and no added sugar and is available in 2L, 1L and 200ml packs.Click here for more information on Wilde 

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