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Thermal inkjet technology allows Pyrotec to meet evolving traceability needs

Thermal inkjet technology allows Pyrotec to meet evolving traceability needs


Aug 14th, 12:20

Markem-Imaje Corporation, global manufacturer and distributor of product identification and traceability solutions, recently announced its acquisition of RSI Systems- a manufacturer of integrated thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing solutions. As a result of this acquisition, Pyrotec, exclusive South African distributor for this world-renowned manufacturer, can offer customers TIJ printing solutions for high resolution codes through its Markem-Imaje range of machinery.

“What this means is that Pyrotec will now be able to offer technology that is equipped to print high resolution codes such as complex 2D barcodes, which can be used for traceability, anti-diversion and promotional coding printing applications. This is very exciting news for manufacturers for whom product integrity is key,” explains Brandon Pearce, General Manager of PackMark, the coding and labelling brand under the Pyrotec umbrella.

Markem-Imaje is well known for its innovative ink development, in addition to its global sales and service network. Together with the products and TIJ expertise of RSI, Markem-Imaje will now be able to deliver new innovations in TIJ high resolution printing and ink solutions. “The marriage between these two – both leaders in their respective fields – means that we will now be able to offer solutions for demanding high speed, traceability printing applications as well as standard coding and marking applications.

“With the rapid boom in social media, many brands are now using these channels for promotional exercises – thus connecting social media with product promotion. 2D barcodes are used for promotional coding applications, and thus TIJ is a key enabling technology that will allow us to meet our customers’ evolving traceability needs,” explains Pearce. Click here for more information on Pyrotec 

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