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Vistas of the Western Cape reflected in new Swartland Winery range
Vistas of the Western Cape reflected in new Swartland Winery range

Vistas of the Western Cape reflected in new Swartland Winery range


May 16th, 13:23

Anyone travelling across the Western Cape will well appreciate the views that stretch before them. Mountains etched against a bright blue sky; vineyards spread in neat rows across hectares of fertile and sometimes demanding terroir; wheat and canola creating slashes of colour; and the varying shades of the earth roll across a terrain that is undulating and ever changing.

This then was the inspiration for the newest range from Swartland Winery; ContoursCollection has now made its appearance on wine shelves in selected bottle stores.

Part of the new focus and developments that this well established Winery has been working on, the Contours Collection reflects a new approach. Over the last year the Winery has relooked at its business model and the challenges of both the local and international market.

Pieter Terblanche, Head of Marketing of Swartland Winery has a mantra: “Do what the market needs.” Combine this with the skills of Cellarmaster Andries Blake, the strength behind the winery’s brands, and new prospects have allowed him to look beyond the previous boundaries of the Swartland region.
“Normally we would only buy from our shareholders, but we have decided to source grapes from a wider area, and it is giving us the opportunity to craft new ranges at different price points.

Well known Swartland Winery brands: Idelia, Bush Vine, Reserve and Winemaker’s Choice still originate mainly from the Swartland area as this is the home of Swartland wines and will always take priority. The Contours range reflects what is not only in the Swartland but also what is beyond the borders. This has allowed Blake to craft some new and interesting blends and consumers can enjoy the easy drinking wines (at easy prices) of this new range.

For the local market this is good news as the Winery is focusing on giving the “market what it needs” – good wine, good prices and consistency – the pillars of the Swartland Winery.

In addition, and responding to a new trend, the inclusion of Moscato in the Contours range adds a certain sparkle! A growing market is looking for a lower alcohol, slightly sweet wine and this new offering, made from one of the oldest known grapes, Muscat d'Alexandrie, fills that gap.

The Contours range consists of four varietals and a popular Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend.
The Range:

• Sauvignon Blanc 2012: A light straw colour with a faint green tint brings a bouquet of grassy flavours with a hint of green pepper. Crisp, clean and fresh on the palate the green pepper notes are evident. Ideal to drink now, well chilled and is the perfect accompaniment to seafoods: prawns, calamari, fresh oysters, sushi or a fresh salad will be enhanced by this wine.

• Chenin Blanc 2012: Similar to the Sauvignon Blanc the wine exhibits a light straw colour, with a light green tint but here the silmilarity stops. Enticing fruit salad flavours, especially guava, bring upfront fresh tropical flavours on the nose and palate. This fruity wine has a lovely crisp finish and is ideal to drink now. Give your chicken or other white meat dishes some pzazz by pairing with this wine..

• Merlot 2011: As one would expect a rich, ruby red colour leads to a fruit driven flavour. Inviting raspberry and cherry linger. This medium bodied wine offers a palate that is soft and well balanced with the fruit and berry flavours dominating and a lingering aftertaste. Ideal to drink now with a variety of meats this is a wine that can accompany well flavoured Italian cuisine and red and white meats.

• Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon: A popular blend, this fruit driven wine has an inviting dark berry flavor on the nose and balances well on the palate, with the fruity Merlot complimenting the dark berry characteristics of the Cabernet Sauvignon. This easy drinking wine is perfect to drink now with your braai and a selection of delicious vegetables such as sautéed mushrooms and roast potatoes.

• Moscato: Made from Muscat D’Alexandrie this light straw colour has a zesty lime and honey with citrus notes on the nose. Light in alcohol and lightly spritzy, this white wine has upfront sweet Muscat flavours with notes of crisp apple. Clean and fresh on the palate with perfectly balanced sweetness. Drink now and pair this slightly sweet wine with fresh fruit salads and vanilla ice cream. Serve well chilled.

Available at selected Tops/Spar and bottle stores 

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