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Lion Match Products (PTY) Limited
Established in 1905, Lion Match is a dynamic product development operation with over a hundred years experience in successful production and delivery.

Since it’s inception Lion Match, has built a steady reputation for excellence, reliability and service - all over the world - and we continue to enjoy strong relationships with our industry friends and partners.

Continued success, and hard work has allowed us to expand our offering to include a full suite flame portfolio; leading-edge shaving systems and most recently shoe polish. Our philosophy for excellence and tradition of performance keeps us at the cutting edge of our market. 
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Masculine, fresh and slick, the Duel brand is centred on quality-manufactured products that deliver a close, smooth shave for the confi dent male. From shaving foams and gels to razors and blades, men can rest assured that a market innovator is meeting all their shaving needs. Duel, it’s an attitude.
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Trusted by generations of South Africans, the Lion Shaving range of products meet the everyday needs of the man who want a close shave with an affordable product that still delivers on quality. From a single blade to their iconic double-edge razor, Lion Shaving constantly delivers hard-working razors and blades that are dependable and functional.
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Loving Touch

Loving Touch

The Loving Touch brand has become a household name among women seeking a feminine and vibrant personal grooming product. After two decades in a competitive market segment, Loving Touch has entrenched itself as a value for money offering that delivers a soft and smooth shaving experience that is gentle on skin.
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Latest Activity

WARNING! Beware of counterfeit Lion Matches. 13
WARNING! Beware of counterfeit Lion Matches.
Genuine Lion safety matches are manufactured to the highest ISO 9001 standards and have a reputation for quality and performance that has been built up over 100 years. The recent discovery of inferior quality counterfeit matches in the trade is concerning, as the poor splint quality and inconsistent head coverage of these matches may have safety performance implications for users and the quality thereof my not be in compliance with the provisions of the proposed consumer protection act.
It's your time to shine! - TV commercial 16
It's your time to shine! - TV commercial
For over 100 years South African consumers have trusted Lion Match heritage of excellence in matches. Now they have another great reason to walk with Lion.
Introducing stunning, stylish Disposable Razors from National Shaving 26
Introducing stunning, stylish Disposable Razors from National Shaving
The Summer months were all about sexy smooth skin, and even smoother sales, thanks to National Shaving Products, a division of The Lion Match Company (Pty) Ltd. November 2007 saw the launch of two unique new disposable razors – capitalising on major gaps in the local market.

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