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Russia to raise minimum vodka prices
Russia to raise minimum vodka prices

Russia to raise minimum vodka prices


Fin24/ Reuters - Dec 3rd, 08:16

Moscow - Russia plans to raise minimum vodka prices next year as it seeks to reduce consumption of alcohol, despite risks that drinkers will resort instead to cheaper illegal liquor. 

Alcoholism is estimated to contribute to 30% of deaths in the nation of 143 million, according to medical surveys.

Russia's government imposed minimum prices for strong spirits, such as vodka and brandy, in 2010 and has been raising the bar annually to factor in increases in excise taxes and inflation.

According to a draft decree published on a government web site the cheapest half-litre bottle of vodka will cost 199 roubles (about $6) from 1 January, up 17%.

The price will rise further to about $6.6 from 1 August, bringing total increases next year to almost 30% compared to this year.

While higher prices have already dented store sales of vodka, according to official figures, experts warn that higher prices will lead people to drink more bootleg liquor - sometimes fatal if not distilled properly.

Russia has been tightening regulations for producers of vodka and beer, such as Russia's Synergy, Poland's CEDC and Danish brewer Carlsberg.

It has in recent years banned alcohol advertising, raised excise taxes, restricted sales after 23:00 and banned sales of alcohol, including beer, from kiosks.

Lawmakers are now considering raising the minimum drinking age to 21 from 18.


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