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 Supply Chain Company Releases 3D Virtualisation Solution for Retailers
Supply Chain Company Releases 3D Virtualisation Solution for Retailers

Supply Chain Company Releases 3D Virtualisation Solution for Retailers


Apr 25th 2012, 09:45

JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS), The Supply Chain Company®, today announced the release of JDA® 3D, an integrated category optimisation and three dimensional (3D) virtualisation solution that provides true consumer-driven collaboration and visibility that is faster, less expensive, more interactive and incorporates the consumer’s point of view. Powered by Red Dot Square, JDA 3D transforms space and floor planning solutions into a smart, interactive photo-realistic world. 

When combined with JDA’s industry leading space and assortment optimisation solutions, JDA 3D delivers powerful new collaboration capabilities to support the retailer/manufacturer range finalisation process. It drives innovation and creativity in real time, transforming presentation tools into collaboration environments and connecting retailers and manufacturers at the product, shelf, aisle and store.

“JDA 3D represents a paradigm shift for retailers and their suppliers,” said Scott Welty, vice president, retail industry strategy, JDA Software. “With empowered, knowledgeable, and connected consumers driving changes in the market, successful companies must anticipate and exceed consumer expectations and overcome challenges presented by ineffective tools to support collaborative interpretation. JDA 3D supports interactive supplier and retailer collaboration that improves speed to market, increases space productivity, leverages shopper insights to optimise merchandising decisions, and delivers actionable execution while integrating data and visuals in an interactive virtual world.”

“Suppliers, brand manufacturers or distributors now have a much more effective collaboration platform on which they can develop and validate innovative ways to inspire consumer purchases in a retail store,” said Danny Halim, vice president, consumer products industry strategy, JDA Software. “This 3D virtual reality platform can translate promotion and merchandising ideas in the context of the entire store, enabling them to identify opportunities to guide consumers along the path to purchase from the moment they enter the store. This is especially significant for existing JDA customers who can now benefit from the integrated offering of the 3D visualization technology and the category management capabilities that they already have in place from JDA.”

JDA 3D is a plug-in to the existing JDA Category Management suite, integrated with Red Dot Square’s Smart Suite to offer interactive, consumer-driven 3D collaboration to help suppliers, brand manufacturers or distributors achieve the following benefits:

- Reduce time and costs by eliminating test and mock-up research stores.

- Increase flexibility through the ability to test multiple scenarios with real-time, collaborative “on the fly” adaptation.

- Improve speed to market by increasing the immediacy of test results prior to market deployment.

- Improve confidence with 3D visualisations that bring ideas to life and enable virtual real-life point-of-view interpretations.

The flexibility of JDA 3D allows design, store, and marketing concepts to be developed and positioned in different store environments, creating a powerful collaborative tool for retailers and suppliers to co-develop cost effectively. Further cost savings can also be realised through Virtual Merchandising, which removes the need to build ranges on mock fixtures for different store formats and sizes. Shopper data can be easily visualized using JDA 3D to enhance decision making on ranges and layouts.

“JDA 3D makes floor plans, merchandise plans and marketing plans come alive in a rich visual world,” said Mark Edwards, chairman and founder, Red Dot Square. “With the data from JDA’s space and category management solutions and the engaging shopper and activation experience from Red Dot Square’s Smart Suite, we’ve created something that is very powerful for the retailer, manufacturer, and shopper together.”


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