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Global Trends in Baked Goods reveal interesting insights

Global Trends in Baked Goods reveal interesting insights


Jul 4th, 07:33

According to the latest report by Mintel, flavour and taste remain a strong requirement by consumers when choosing their baked goods, often ahead of nutritional consideration.

Judy Laidlaw, Marketing Manager for Bakery and Grains at Supreme and Foodcorp Milling takes a closer look at the report’s findings. “Some of the global insights include creating and selling smaller portions and providing healthier options with less sugar and salt. I think this is also true in South Africa where, for example, Supreme provides their customers with flour that excludes any additives and with more flexible packaging options.”

“Interestingly, flavours like blueberry and cranberry are falling further down the list when looking at ‘fastest growing flavours in Europe’, which are replaced by gingerbread, milk, coconut, butter and rum as the top five,” she says. “But the good news is that chocolate remains a strong influence!”

The report shows that around 40% of all cakes, pastries and other sweet bakery products launched in Europe contain chocolate as a flavour component, which is unchanged in recent years. “Similarly, chocolate remains a great seller among in-store bakeries and professional bakers here in South Africa,” says Judy. “But as with any form of baked goods, using a consistently high quality flour is key to the final product selling out at the tills.”

According to Mintel, cupcakes have been taken to the next level with fillings and toppings that include Chai Spice, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Piña Colada and Caramel Latte.

The report also states that watching sugar contents, trying whole wheat flour and adding super-fruits have been gaining momentum. “It’s crucial that professional bakers insist on additive free and reduced sodium flour for their products because South Africans are certainly also airing their views about living healthier lifestyles and it’s important that bakers have all the tools necessary to fulfil the demand.”

Another trend that comes through is that of reinventing nostalgia, bringing back the favourites of yesteryear. “These trend reports are not only interesting, they keep us in touch with what ultimately the consumer is looking for and therefore, what trends and products our bakers should be pursuing,” she says. “It’s great to know that we as a country and as an industry remain in touch with global trends and as a result can keep our customers one step ahead of the pack.” Click here for more information on Supreme Flour 

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