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IVOhealth, holding company of IVOdent, delivers quality oral care and healthcare products throughout Southern Africa. The head office is in Cape Town, South Africa, with a team of dedicated staff throughout the country.

Our mission at IVOhealth is to source and supply quality brands and products that improve health and well-being.

Always on the look out for exciting and innovative products the we now supply a range of leading brands such as Aloclair, Letibalm, Philips Sonicare and a homeopathic range that includes Trip Ease, Drink Ease and No Jet Lag.

IVOhealth brands include Philips Sonicare, GUM Dentyl pH, Panasonic DentaCare, Salli Saddle Chairs, Protefix denture range and Letibalm.

Through the IVOdent division we supply dentists and dental laboratories with the following specialist ranges: Ivoclar Vivadent Technical, AmannGirrbach Dental Equipment, Yeti Dental Consumables.


Aloclair offers safe, effective and speedy relief from mouth ulcers and minor oral lesions. It forms a protective film over the nerve endings exposed by the ulcer, reducing discomfort when eating, drinking or talking. Aloclair gets to work within minutes and lasts for up to six hours. Aloclair contains natural aloe Vera extract to alleviate pain and stop irritation, and moisturising hyaluronic acid. As it is alcohol and salicylate free*, does not sting, and can be used with confidence by both adults and children. Aloclair is available as a handy spray, and as gel that can be applied directly to the ulcer with a convenient applicator.
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Brushtox is indicated only on a daily basis to help maintain good oral hygiene and fight tooth decay. It is a preventive measure to be used on your toothbrush which is left unprotected in the bathroom; the most germ-laden room in the house.
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Dentyl Active

Dentyl Active

Dentyl Active is an alcohol-free two phase mouthwash that is clinically proven to combat bad breath. Simply shake to activate, then swish and gargle. Dentyl Active attracts, lifts and absorbs the bacteria and debris that cause bad breath. When you rinse you’ll see what has been removed in the sink – visible proof that Dentyl Active really works.
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G.U.M has a full range of innovative oral care products that are held in high regard by dental professionals internationally. G.U.M Interdental Brushes are now the market leaders in their category in the USA.
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Letibalm is the first repair balm specially formulated for treating the area around the nose and lips. Its treatment formula moisturizes, repairs, protects and soothes.
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Natural Heatlh

Natural Heatlh

Originally developed in New Zealand and manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States, IVOhealth’s natural health range contains active remedies that stimulate the body’s own natural processes to effectively help relieve jet lag, travel fatigue, motion sickness, sports fatigue and hangovers. No-Jet-Lag helps prevent and relieve jet lag and travel fatigue Trip Ease helps to prevent motion sickness during car, boat or air travel Sports Ease helps prevent to prevent sports fatigue Drink Ease helps to prevent symptoms caused by the consumption of alcohol
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Utilising only natural ingredients, Ora-Salts contains no alcohol, preservatives, sugar or colourants - some of which can eventually destroy the natural fl ora of the mouth if used on a continual basis. Instead, this mouthwash heals the way nature intended, and regular use of Ora-Salts actually encourages a healthy mouth and fresh breath.
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Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare

The Philips Sonicare range is the number one power toothbrush recommended by dental professionals around the world, and is clinically proven to clean teeth and gums more effectively than any other premium power brush.
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Physicool is a unique new range of stretchable, reusable bandages that combines cooling, compression, 360 degree coverage and support to reduce inflammation & swelling.
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The Protefix range is recommended by dental specialists for all denture problems. Made in Germany and sold in 50 countries worldwide, Protefix is a reliable, high quality product whose range includes an all natural Adhesive Powder, an extra strong Adhesive Cream (that is effective even on wet dentures), an Active Cleanser and hygienic single-use Adhesive Cushions.
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Latest Activity

Physicool therapeutic bandages; cooling compression for rapid relief 30
Physicool therapeutic bandages; cooling compression for rapid relief
IVOhealth is proud to introduce another great new healthcare product: Physicool, an internationally-acclaimed therapeutic bandage that combines cooling with compression, now available in Dis-Chem stores around South Africa.
Sinu-Salts, now available at Dischem & selected pharmacies, proudly brought to you by IVOhealth 25
Sinu-Salts, now available at Dischem & selected pharmacies, proudly brought to you by IVOhealth
Harness the healing power of the ocean with NEW Sinu-Salts for natural every day nasal care.
Fresh breath week powered By Sonicare 06
Fresh breath week powered By Sonicare
With Valentine’s Day days away what better time for shoppers to improve their oral care routine?
Ivohealth now Distributes Ora-Salts NOW in a brand new pack 30
Ivohealth now Distributes Ora-Salts NOW in a brand new pack
Harness the healing power of the ocean for a naturally healthy mouth with Ora-Salts, a carefully formulated combination of sea salt and homeopathic remedies with extracts of herbal liquorice and cinnamon.

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