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at Aperio FMCG Consulting

Michael Wood is co-founder and Director of Aperio, a business consulting company focused on the FMCG space in South and Sub Saharan Africa. Michael has many years international experience where he held the positions of Marketing Director, Sales Director & Managing Director with the Gillette company and Procter & Gamble.

Reflections of Iconic South African Brands

2013-10-01 16:46:48

After celebrating South African Heritage Day, take a moment to think fondly of those iconic brands that contribute to our heritage and who we are; we are unique in this world and proudly South African. READ MORE

Consumer trial is fundamental to new brand & product success

2013-08-28 11:04:31

Launching a brand through consumer trial and sampling is critical to its success within the first year, yet many FMCG companies do not have a clear understanding of consumer trial barriers and drivers. READ MORE

How to successfully build brands in townships

2013-07-31 12:32:14

Reaching the illusive township shopper is high on the agenda of most FMCG companies that want to tap into the buying power of South Africans in some 43 major metro townships. READ MORE

Assume nothing when it comes to the township shopper

2013-07-01 13:21:49

Many FMCG companies have failed to reach the township shopper effectively due to the assumption that the same rules apply in townships as they do with traditional urban shopping. READ MORE

Is Africa the next BRIC market?

2013-05-28 12:57:08

Africa has become the next springboard for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies due to strong African GDP growth, an increasingly urban and growing middle class, and a strong consumption drive in the African economy. READ MORE

Where to Play and How to Win in Africa

2013-04-29 17:13:23

When it comes to expansion into Africa, FMCG companies must do a strategic assessment of ‘Where to Play’ - which country, region and city to go into - and a solid ‘How to Win’ approach of selecting the winning route-to-market. READ MORE

Shoppers dictate Manufactures and Retailer’s future

2013-04-17 11:25:23

In a world where shopper and consumer behaviour is proving to be very difficult to predict, it is becoming increasingly difficult to market effectively and more efficiently to consumers. READ MORE