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Aqua King

Aqua King

The Aqua King brand is a registered trademark of the Sodaking Franchise Close Corporation and is represented by both still and sparkling filtered water, as well as a range of five other popular fruit flavours - all deliciously lightly carbonated. The waters are in 1.5L and 500ml sizes.
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Aqua Spa Mineral Waters

Aqua Spa Mineral Waters

The uniqueness of the product lies in the bottle cap which has been designed to allow the user to carry it around with minimum effort. Having water readily available is essential for any active person, but often leaves the carrier with only one free hand.
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aQuellé’s exceptionally pure and precious water flows in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. Drawn from an underground spring, the water is undisturbed and unpolluted. Nature’s gift.
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Ceres Spring Water

Ceres Spring Water

Ceres Spring Water is a natural range of still and sparkling waters bottled at source against the Hugo Mountain range in the Ceres Valley.
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Clover Beverages

Clover Beverages

Clover Beverages are the obvious refreshment choice offering varieties in mineral water, flavoured milk, fruit nectar, and many more.
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Stafford Bros & Draeger acquire distributorship for Evian spring water 23
Stafford Bros & Draeger acquire distributorship for Evian spring water
With a history that goes back to 1789 when the Marquis of Lessert pronounced Evian Natural Spring Water ‘miraculous’ for his health, it has been preferred above all other spring waters. And now, in South Africa, Evian is being distributed by Stafford Bros & Draeger (SBD).
Clover challenges consumers to find The Clover Way better KOTA 23
Clover challenges consumers to find The Clover Way better KOTA
In recognition of the importance of the lower LSM market, Clover has launched an interactive campaign searching for the most loved KOTA using Clover Individually Wrapped Process Cheese Slices.
Bokomo Corn Flakes: Crispier, Crunchier and Munchier 18
Bokomo Corn Flakes: Crispier, Crunchier and Munchier
After months of intense research and product testing, Bokomo has created a formula for new Corn Flakes that are thinner, crispier and crunchier than before, pushing the product’s taste appeal clean off the charts.
Clover launches The One™ long life milk 09
Clover launches The One™ long life milk
Picking up one good habit just got easier with the launch of new Clov er The One™ long-life milk Who said January is the only time to make healthy resolutions? Consumers can empower themselves everyday by making one simple choice that will have a positive impact on their long-term health.

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01/10/2013 - 10:00
London - Britain's biggest drug maker GlaxoSmithKline agreed the £700m sale of its thrombosis drug brands and a related factory to Aspen Pharmacare, as part of its strategy to focus on growth products.

Woolworths reports strong results
29/08/2013 - 08:34
Highlights • Turnover up 23.2% • Profit before tax up 27.1% • Headline earnings per share up 27.3% (52 weeks: 25.3%) • Return on equity up from 46.4% to 49.7% • Cash dividend of 148 cents declared

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The retail price of mealie-meal has been increased by about K5 after millers hiked the cost of the staple food by K2 on account of the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.