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Point of sale branding in the 21st century

Martin Rosen, MD of MegaVision Media
Martin Rosen, MD of MegaVision Media

Point of sale branding in the 21st century


Nov 18th, 09:40

Martin Rosen, Managing Director of MegaVision Media discusses point of sale branding, its benefits and how it has evolved over time to meet the demanding needs of the modern consumer;

One of the major issues which continue to be prevalent for brands is that they continue to be held hostage by sales managers and brand managers within companies and it is all about the budget. The issue is that these two parties are disconnected and do not always realise the importance of protecting the image of a brand at shelf level.

At least 70% of purchasing decisions are made at point of sale; that is why we refer to it as the Golden Circle of Opportunity. If you are able to communicate at store level, you have the ability to enhance the purchasing decision at point of sale. So much has been spent on advertising to people that are not in store, people that have not actively made a decision to purchase and may as well not be interested in the brand’s offerings. But not enough has been invested in the creative space that exists at Point of Sale.

When considering point of sale advertising, it is important to be aware of a number of standard rule. These rules listed below make for a great point of sale system;

1. It is very important to have good quality fixtures

2. Update your brand artwork and ensure that these are well maintained, and consider using promotional material to inform your potential customers of current specials, promotions and competitions in store.

3. Always remember that clutter equals confusion. Simplify your branding material and make it easy to navigate and accessible to your customer

To measure return on investment at store level is complex. One of the major points that brand managers and sales managers alike need to understand is that it is not about ROI at store level. The people at store level are potentially going to be purchasing your product and you’re giving your brand an opportunity to be noticed. So once you’re on the shelf give it all you’ve got.

That being said, we also cannot assume that our methods of point of sale advertising cannot be changed. There is a new young shopper in the market. Their purchasing decisions are different to those of their parents. They are far more tech – savvy and make use of social media and the internet far more than the average person. Brands need to investigate how they can make the shopping experience a lot more interactive for them.

MegaVision Media offers the ability to run USSD and social media campaigns which run concurrently on point of sale material. The new media age is exciting, the question you have to ask yourself is, “How involved are you”? Click here for more information on MegaVision Media 

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