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Rhodes Red Fig in Glass launches

Rhodes Red Fig in Glass launches
Rhodes Red Fig in Glass launches

Rhodes Red Fig in Glass launches


Jul 16th, 13:29

Rhodes Rolls out the “Red Carpet”

Rhodes keeps abreast of new food trends – and right now fresh red figs are more popular than green figs. So, it gives Rhodes great pleasure to launch their Red Fig Fruit Jam in a convenient glass jar.

Traditionally, red figs are considered a luxury, but as “jam people” Rhodes has made sure that this tasty fruit can now be enjoyed as an easily obtainable, convenient and spreadable treat.

The attractive 460 g glass jar lets the beauty of the rich and vibrant coloured fruit shine through.

Made from choice grade red figs, this preservative free jam is also Kosher and Halaal certified.

But, if jam in glass is not what you are after, Rhodes Red Fig Fruit Jam is also available in a 450 g can that is big on convenience thanks to its Easy-Open lid. The Fridge Friendly™ protective lining and reusable Snap Cap means it can be stored in the fridge after the can has been opened.

So look out for Rhodes Red Fig Fruit Jam in glass in the jam aisle and expect to be delighted. Whether you enjoy their red fig jam on hot buttered toast, scones or with a fine cheese – it will be all you need to dish up a delicious treat.Click here for more information on Rhodes 

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