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SABMiller To Start Brewing Cassava Beer In Ghana
SABMiller To Start Brewing Cassava Beer In Ghana

SABMiller To Start Brewing Cassava Beer In Ghana

FMCG SUPPLIER NEWS - Apr 8th, 09:50

SABMiller’s local unit Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) will start to brew cassava beer in Ghana under the brand name “Eagle”, the company announced on March 14, 2013. 

This is second cassava beer launched by the London-based brewer in Africa; the first was in Mozambique at least 18 months ago.

The Eagle beer will be sold in 375ml bottles at a price point equal to 70% of mainstream lager.

Mark Bowman, Managing Director of SABMiller Africa, said “Eagle is aimed at attracting low-income consumers away from illicit alcohol.”

The SABMiller Africa boss further indicated that with the new beer, local smallholder cassava farmers have a guaranteed market for their crop.

ABL is expected to source the cassava from as many as 1,500 smallholder farmers within the first year, says SABMiller whose initiative is part of its ‘Farming Better Futures’ programme.

Subsistence farmers grow cassava in Ghana and there is an estimated 40 percent surplus each year partly because there is little opportunity for farmers to sell the produce in commercial markets.

SABMiller is of the view that the launch of Eagle will provide an opportunity to turn locally grown cassava into a cash crop, allowing farmers to generate income whilst continuing to feed their families and, at the same time, reducing the crop’s surplus. 

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